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August 25, 2011

Simon Dyson


Q. Simon what's your verdict on an opening round of 70?
SIMON DYSON: A little disappointed to be honest. I got off to a lovely start. I was playing some lovely golf to start with, and just made a stupid double-bogey and then just the putts seemed to dry up after that.
I struck the ball really nice. I drove it okay, but my iron play was pretty good again and gave myself a lot of chances.

Q. Robert Lee in our commentary box, who doesn't give out praise very easily said, "Simon Dyson is striking the ball better than anyone else in the world." That must mean a lot.
SIMON DYSON: Thanks, that's really nice of him. The iron play is as good as it's been for, you know -- I've carried it on from Ireland and America and all those tournaments. Yes, it's very nice of him to say so, but it does feel good.
Like I say, it was just a shame on 1, I was really mad at myself, because once I had hit the shot, I looked back at the shot and realised that I had taken too much club. The greens are so soft here, you're trying to take the spin off the shots.
But, looking back, I had a downhill lie and it was a perfect, perfect 52-degree, and unfortunately I took too much club and made a silly double. But that happens unfortunately. But apart from that, it was a pretty good day.

Q. Your caddie has a twin and they are both out there today; is it confusing?
SIMON DYSON: Robert tried to give Guy his putter and went to say something to Gary -- yeah, it's very confusing. Because the first thing you do, you don't really look for the cap. You don't look for the Nike or Titleist cap, do you. You just see this big presence there and you just go straight to him.
Yeah, it's pretty confusing.

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