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August 25, 2011

Marc Warren


MARC WARREN: Obviously the delay everything and else, I feel as if I played pretty solid today. I was kind of never really in trouble. Took advantage of the par 5s, which I could get home in all of them today apart from 9 and then just a push on 9. Missed from about ten feet on 8 to get to four and then just a poor shot at the last but gave myself a look at birdie.
You know, I had a good up-and-down for par on 7, but yeah, I'm really pleased, a round under par is always good on this golf course. It's good to get finished. You can relax a little bit. Some of the guys are obviously looking at early starts and stuff tomorrow, chill out and wait a wee bit to see what happens tomorrow morning.

Q. How much of a lift do you get coming back here?
MARC WARREN: For some reason, it's always been a golf course I've been comfortable in. For the first year, I played here as a professional, and I finished 11th and from then on, I've always seemed to do well. Missed the cut as defending champion, but you know, before that and since then I've done well. So for some reason, it's a course I'm comfortable in and I think -- I do think it suits me.

Q. Regardless of your status, you've come here to win?
MARC WARREN: Yeah, I've done it before. The way I feel as if I'm playing the last couple of weeks, I don't really see why not. Last week I feel as if I was really close to being in contention. Putted inside six feet and outside of that holed nothing at all and that's what you've got to do to do well out here. Putted well this afternoon, and the greens being soft and a little bit bumpy, playing late in the day, I feel as if I holed out nicely. Look forward to nice greens in the morning.

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