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August 25, 2011

Ignacio Garrido


Q. 5-under par, tell us about that one.
IGNACIO GARRIDO: Well, it was good, yes. I think anything under par around here I think is a good score. Today the course is playing long, with all of the rain, the ball was running nothing, so it was quite long. I think the key was that I played very solid. Just hit most of the fairways, most of the greens, and took my chances. So never really got in trouble. And that's probably what is the main thing to do here.

Q. You had to suffer a two-hour-and-40-minute delay, but in some ways, was that a good thing, because it warmed up a bit? Because it would have been really chilly going out early.
IGNACIO GARRIDO: If I said it was playing long, you can imagine how it was playing if it was five or six degrees less as it was earlier in the morning.
Yeah, I think it was a beautiful day, not very common that you get no wind at all around here. And well, I think I took the chance of having an opportunity to play well around here without that wind.

Q. I know you've been struggling with your back and neck in recent times, in Ireland, you said you were working with new physios and they were helping; is that still the case?
IGNACIO GARRIDO: Yeah, definitely I've been playing a lot better. Results have been better and I can turn properly now.
Probably the main thing is that I'm not thinking about how the body is going to react. I'm just thinking about how to swing the club and that has not been the case for the first part of the season and I'm happy that at the moment it feels like that.

Q. Talk me through how you've managed 5-under par on a tricky old course.
IGNACIO GARRIDO: Well, it was a very solid round of golf I think. It's been a long course, playing in these conditions. The fact that there is no wind and it's very damp because of the rain, it plays its full length, and that means a lot of long irons into the greens, par 5s not reachable.
So you really have to hit the fairways and, well, play some solid golf and that's what I did today. That was the key. I holed some good putts. But it's true that I gave myself quite a lot of chances.
So overall, I think it was a fair score considering how I played.

Q. I heard you say that whilst it was frustrating, no doubt, to hang around for more than 2 1/2 hours because of the fog, there probably was a plus side.
IGNACIO GARRIDO: Oh, definitely. I think early in the morning, it was very cold, and if the fog had disappeared earlier, it would have been he even tougher. It would have been playing a lot longer, and, well, I'm a Spaniard, I like playing in the heat. So probably the cold conditions wouldn't have suit me that well.
But anyway, you have to take what you can get and what we got today is probably one of the best days that you can get in Scotland.

Q. Good to get this rhythm, isn't it?
IGNACIO GARRIDO: Yeah, I'm getting my form back. I've had some physical problems this year. The first part of this year has been difficult, and I couldn't get the rhythm going. Luckily I think I said in Ireland, that I was feeling well, and that was the main thing.
Since then, what I've been able to practise, as much as I like, and to keep that form up until now. So we'll see.

Q. And is it a particular programme that you're on now, a particular form of physio that just makes it easier?
IGNACIO GARRIDO: I started working with Dale Richardson guys, and I think they are great. I think they have helped me a lot. Everything feels a lot looser now. And, well, if you feel -- if your body feels better, at least for me, the mind feels better, and I can swing the club freely, and that's a bonus.
You don't know how important it is until you have a period when you can do it. And, well, I've been lucky all my life not to feel like I felt for this first half of the year, but happily it's over now.

Q. And reading between the lines, it is something that does just play in your mind, doesn't it, if you can't quite get the physicality right?
IGNACIO GARRIDO: Definitely. I'm not saying that if you are well, you are going to play well but if you're not well, it's very hard to play well. Because your mind -- in this game, your mind has to be fresh, and it's very difficult to be fresh if something is aching or if you're aware of, don't turn too much because it's going to hurt.
So I think it's really vital.

Q. I take it you're still fresh and love this game, you've been out here a good few years now.
IGNACIO GARRIDO: Oh, yeah, but I love it. I think this is a great game. I haven't lost any passion for it. So you do a bit what you can't swing the club, but no, I mean, I think it's a great game and I hope to be playing for a few more years.

Q. What caused your injury?
IGNACIO GARRIDO: Well, the thing is, obviously when you work a lot in turning, all of the muscles in your back get tighter and tighter. And there are some very difficult muscles to stretch. So unless you have some work with physio, it's very hard to loosen them up.
If you're in good shape, you don't feel it until the very end when it's already too tight and that's when it's difficult to loosen them up.

Q. So now you're working on core strength and all that stuff?
IGNACIO GARRIDO: It wasn't really any injury. It was just a lot of tightness through the back, and until they have managed to loosen it up, it's been difficult. I think it was throughout the back and sometimes I could feel it in the lower back and sometimes the neck. So everything was blocking, trying to avoid the pain.

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