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August 25, 2011

Adam Scott


LAURA HILL: We would like to welcome Adam Scott into the interview room, a nice 5-under par but you are probably just glad to have this round over with and be done for the day I would think.
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, turned into a pretty long day today, but it's a good start. 5-under around here, I'm surprised generally by how good the scoring is. But I guess with the little bit of rain it softened it back up, and I think the pins were quite accessible today. It would be interesting to see how the rest of the week pans out for a lot of reasons, but very happy to start this way.

Q. You just said you are wondering how the rest of the week pans out for a lot of reasons. I'm sure that you are probably watching the radar like everyone else. Are you guys following this, or are you listening to what may be scenarios, could be scenarios, anything like that?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I haven't had to watch because everyone else has told me about it. So I don't know, tomorrow looks good, right, and then we don't know. So we might be here till Tuesday. But we've just got to deal with it. It's a shame if we get some bad weather, because it would have been nice to see this golf course play firm. I think it firmed up a lot from yesterday morning when I was in the Pro-Am until this morning and it was starting to play very nice and now it's gone soft again, so that's disappointing.

Q. Could you give me your thoughts on the 18th?
ADAM SCOTT: On the 18th?

Q. Whether you like it. You obviously like it.
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, it's quite an interesting setup, really, to have it such a short drivable par 4 as the 18th. You know, I think it could provide a lot of entertainment come the end of the week. I don't necessarily think it's a bad thing at all, because it is a bit of a risk/reward. It's just interesting that it's the 18th hole. It's not that much different in the end than a gettable par 5.

Q. Could you talk about how you feel about the direction of your career after Firestone, as opposed to after TPC; is there a different level of confidence or something else going on here, or is that something that comes with maturity?
ADAM SCOTT: Well, I mean, obviously winning gives you a bit of confidence, but no, I've been confident all year. I felt my game was in a good place starting the year and I had a good routine going. I've just been working at it, yeah. I didn't play great through May and June necessarily, but I just kept doing the same stuff and knew it would turn around.
It's hard to play good every week you play in, and I think I've played pretty good most weeks this year.

Q. When you win TPC, do you think, boom, I'm taking off? Does it surprise you that it's taken to now to --
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, look, I think looking back on it, after winning TPC, I was probably on the edge of the springboard to play it better than I did. But you know, I didn't. Maybe I could have changed some things if I looked back on it. It's tough to say. I played fairly well but just not at the level that I could have every week maybe.
So I think now my game and experience counts for a lot and how you prepare and stuff and mature. Everything's in a better place now than it was back then. It's less guesswork, that's for sure.

Q. You guys on TOUR go through a lot of weather delays and whatnot. Just wonder if there's a little bit of a different vibe about this just because of the specter of what might come on Saturday night and Sunday and how you feel about that as you look forward?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, it's not great looking forward at the moment. We don't know. Maybe we have got an extra day up our sleeve because of the Boston thing starting later. But I mean, we can only deal with what we are given. Hopefully tomorrow is great and the weather forecasters are all wrong and then we get a good weekend somehow.

Q. Can you talk about how you played 18 today, and your eagle on 16, please?
ADAM SCOTT: Well, today 18, I hit a nice tee shot, I went for the green and I hit it to maybe just over ten feet, 11 feet or something, and I left the putt hanging on the edge. So you know, I hit a good drive and I got rewarded.
16, I hit a really nice drive and I hit a 3-iron which rolled up to about five feet. So just your routine eagle really (chuckling).

Q. After playing a round, what are your thoughts on the greens here, and how have you been reading them?
ADAM SCOTT: How have I been?

Q. Reading them?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, the greens are severe, that's for sure. But because they are so severe, they are fairly easy to read. You can see the low points very easily because they are so tilted, and it's obvious slope.
You know, yeah, pretty good. It was just tough today, because they changed pace obviously after the rain, and I even think this morning, they were not as fast as maybe the practice round or the Pro-Am. So it took a bit of adjusting to that. But then also, adjust again once it rained and slowed down. So it was more the variance in pace that made them a little tricky today.

Q. You shot 5-under before the rain, and then even par after the rain; does that also speak to your comfort with the golf course when it's firmer than when it's softer? Or was it just the putting adjustment that you had to make?
ADAM SCOTT: I hit one loose shot and made a bogey when I came back out, and you know, I didn't see that many birdie chances out there. I hit a few other good shots and had some chances, but they were certainly a little slower and didn't get as many good runs at the hole with the putter. But you know, I was liking the way I was seeing the course going as it firmed up for this morning's round. It was looking really good.

Q. Could you talk about, if anything, what Stevie has done for you going forward in terms of what you didn't have before, what he's contributed to this?
ADAM SCOTT: Well, you know, a lot of positivity coming from Steve and confidence. He's filling me with confidence. I think he believes in my game and my ability, and he wants me to believe in it, you know, just as much as he is.
Everything he's been doing has been very good for my own belief and confidence and I think that's an important thing, and obviously any time you start with a new guy on the bag, there's that good vibes, everything is fresh and you're out there bouncing around.
You know, so right now, we are just kind of going with the flow and obviously he's a great caddie. He does a good job. But yeah, I think he's managed me really well, really quickly and he sees what I need out on the golf course, and he's done well with that.

Q. One other thing, too. Your thought process when you went to the long putter, was there anything -- you're a young guy, a long putter used to be -- old guys like us used to turn to them for desperation. Was it desperation on your part? What was the thought process?
ADAM SCOTT: It was more frustration than desperation. I won two tournaments last year, so I obviously could putt okay, but it just wasn't consistent enough. You know, I just started practicing with the long putter earlier this year, recommended by my coach. And the more I did it, the more comfortable it felt and just felt easy to me. So I thought I may as well make this game as easy as I possibly can and gave it a run and feel good with it. I think I putted very well this year.
LAURA HILL: Adam thanks for coming in.

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