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August 25, 2011

Harrison Frazar


Q. Great round any way you look at it but considering the start, the stop, the rain, how do you assess everything today?
HARRISON FRAZAR: I didn't play that great. I started out poorly. I hit a couple of really wild tee shots. I chipped in on No. 1 from over. That's a two-shot swing right there.
I hit another bad tee shot on 2 and got up-and-down from about 110 yards for par. Started at that point to try to kind of -- I kind of pulled it in, and kept it between the trees at that point for a little while. Made a couple of nice par saves. And on the back nine I really started hitting it well, and I didn't putt as well on the back mine as I did the front, but you know, that's okay. I'm very happy and very pleased with my score. I feel like I kind of stole one today.

Q. So you have to be very happy, it's day one, and you're the score that everyone is chasing now?
HARRISON FRAZAR: Yeah, I mean, it's never a bad spot to be in. It's never bad to start with a good score. So we are going to have at least two rounds of golf left, hopefully three, we'll see what the weather does. But the guys -- somebody is going to shoot low scores, they always do. I've got to hit the ball in the fairway more. If I don't, then it's going to be a struggle the rest of the week.
A win this week, it gets me in Atlanta. It would virtually lock up a very good opportunity to win the FedExCup, so that's the goal, that's the ultimate prize there at the end, so that's the focus here. I'm not here to try to just kind of skirt by and have fun.

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