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August 23, 2011

Scott Jamieson


MICHAEL GIBBONS: Thanks for joining us in our cozy media room here, welcome to the tournament. First man in; nice to be last man in on Sunday I suppose.
SCOTT JAMIESON: Absolutely would be great.
MICHAEL GIBBONS: Give us your thoughts on the week, obviously being at home and everything else, is it what you've been looking forward to?
SCOTT JAMIESON: Yeah, definitely. Playing at home is obviously very fun, hopefully get the help of the home crowd. After doing well at Inverness there, it would be nice to do even better than that.
MICHAEL GIBBONS: How do you view the season so far, Scott, obviously sort of midway through, a wee bit more.
SCOTT JAMIESON: Obviously it's been a fantastic first year. You know, a lot of people have asked me if it's been beyond my expectations and stuff. I wouldn't say it's beyond expectations, but I'm always the type of player that has to sort of get close to having a good result or winning before maybe actually stepping over the line.
So I've had a little bit of a taste of being in contention a few times. So yeah, it's been a lot of fun.

Q. The home crowd --
SCOTT JAMIESON: Yeah, yeah, definitely. Like I said, the majority of the people there were hoping that myself or Pete could have won. But it was Kevin McDowell that had a hard time because everyone kept shouting, "Come on, G-Mac, come on G-Mac." I said it seems as though we are playing in Ireland or earn Ireland.
No, just a slightly different experience to your normal week because you're at home, so I'm looking forward to it.

Q. How has your game been since getting into The Open?
SCOTT JAMIESON: It's been all right. Where have I played since then? Ireland, last week -- oh, yeah, that was the week after -- yeah, that was a good week. Played well there. Good finish. Think I finished 12th or 13th there. So I that was another good week.
I missed the cut in Ireland and last week was in Czech. I played well Saturday and Sunday from tee-to-green. I didn't putt as well as I have done other tournaments this year, but if I can hole a few putts this week, and continue the way I've been hitting the ball from Saturday and Sunday, then I could come close.

Q. Inaudible.
SCOTT JAMIESON: I think hopefully if I ever play -- if I'm in a situation like that, in a big tournament, a big golf course like St. George's where birdie chances are -- you don't get many of them. So I felt like there was so much pressure to take an opportunity when you had one, which is different to the week-in, week-out where you maybe have several opportunities through the round, so you don't feel as though you have to take it. So essentially your putt or your opportunity might feel a bit easier.
I think you just have to re-assess what par was that week. So it's kind of similar to what happened at Wentworth probably. The weekend there when I got off to a fast start, that was -- it's a similar golf course, not many chances there. Level par every day there is a great result.
So more learning experience about patience and you know, I don't know how many people finished under par at The Open. Wasn't many, was it. Wasn't many.
So you know, the end of the week, you look back and you think well, only five or however many people finished under par. Well, if you take that mind-set at the start of the week, when you drop a shot or you miss a birdie chance, it's not the end of the world because, well, first of all, everybody else will be doing it, but par is a good score as opposed to the birdies.

Q. You're still your own harshest critic; is that a fair comment and have you eased off on yourself at all?
SCOTT JAMIESON: Yeah, I think any golfer is probably their own harshest critic. Well, I don't think I'm overly hard on myself. Just comes from a desire of wanting to compete and play well. I don't think it's at a point where it's affecting the way I play a round.

Q. Do you think you enjoy the game -- enjoy it as opposed to what you do for a living --
SCOTT JAMIESON: Yeah, it's great fun. I wouldn't put myself through all the travelling and the pressure if it wasn't fun.
It's a sport that I love and to do it on a day-in and day-out basis and getting paid a lot of money for playing well, then what's not to love about it.

Q. You weren't in the field for this last year --
SCOTT JAMIESON: I never played here before.

Q. A year ago, do you remember exactly where you were playing a year ago during this event?
SCOTT JAMIESON: Wasn't the Rolex Trophy. Rolex Trophy would have been earlier. Wherever The Challenge Tour was this week, would I have been there.

Q. Still at home -- do you have a schedule mapped out in your mind of what you need to do or do you need to take it week-by-week depending how things might change?
SCOTT JAMIESON: Well, I still -- still problem with being the first year on Tour, you don't know when you're playing or when you're not. I'm still not in the field next week in Switzerland.
There's obviously -- well, I'm getting married at the end of the year, so there's one or two commitments I need to meet or I'll get in trouble (chuckling). So I know what tournaments I may be won't be able to play in but for the most part just have to wait and see how it's going.

Q. And that's in America?
SCOTT JAMIESON: Yeah, in America, December 30.

Q. The golf course --
SCOTT JAMIESON: Never played here. Never seen the golf course. But no, playing here in Scotland, and I'm sleeping in my own bed; it's a 45-minute drive for me. It's nice to be here in Scotland and I'm sure if I play well, then I'll get some support. It would be good.

Q. Inaudible.
SCOTT JAMIESON: I played the Queens before, once.
MICHAEL GIBBONS: Anymore? All right, Scott, thanks very much. Good luck this week.

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