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August 21, 2011

Peter Senior


PETER SENIOR: Becoming the same thing every week, isn't it? Just putted badly today. Didn't hole anything. Had a few opportunities. Put it in the right spot, straight uphill, missed a shorty on 13, left it in the jaws on 14.
You know, and bogeyed 15, and you know, I just don't seem to produce anything on Sunday. Just starting to really bug me.

Q. Did the rain change anything?
PETER SENIOR: No. No. It didn't affect me. I had a tough shot on either end. I couldn't get it past the corner into the breeze when they called it, so I had to hook something there. I made bogey there, but I just made nothing.
You know, and I just needed to make two more.

Q. What were the two-putts to resonate? Looked like they were right in the middle of the hole.

Q. A half a turn short or something.
PETER SENIOR: Yeah. But I seem to do it a lot on Sundays. I just don't make many putts on Sunday.

Q. But having said all that, the kind of major championship season you've had this year is really darn good.
PETER SENIOR: I'm really happy with the golf I've been playing. I'd just like to hoist something. It's been nearly two years, and I've had plenty of opportunity and haven't closed one out yet. So yeah, I just feel a little disappointed.
But still, the other boys didn't hole much. So you know, it should be an exciting finish.

Q. Do you think Fred started hurting again after the rain?
PETER SENIOR: No. I don't think so. He might have stiffened up a little bit, but he's not hurting.
But you know, he hasn't played like he normally does today. Otherwise he would have walked away with it.
You know, and then when John made a couple of birdies in a row, we thought he was off and running, so you know, how quickly this course can turn it around. 11 and 12, and once I got through the 12th hole, I thought I might have a chance still. But the bogey on 15.
But still, I'm really happy with the way I'm playing. Hopefully it'll happen soon.

Q. Thank you very much.

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