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August 21, 2011

George McNeill


Q. Talk about today, first of all. Did you have a number in mind and did you get there?
GEORGE MCNEILL: Honestly, I thought it was going to be a lot lower. It still could be. Obviously not everybody is finished yet so -- I was just trying to play as well as I could. I can only control myself. I can't control what everybody else does. Very happy with the way I hit it, the way I played, the way I putted. Everything was nice today.
Yesterday I struggled a little bit with my ball striking but today I kind of -- I fixed it and, you know, I saw what happened.

Q. Take us through 18 there. First of all, you know the situation at that point and that putt.
GEORGE MCNEILL: I think I birdied 17 to tie for the lead. I didn't know if I was still tied for the lead or not. I didn't pay attention to the leaderboard until I was on 18. I laid up off the tee basically to make sure I hit it in the fairway and then hit a good shot, got caught by the wind, ended up short of the green but I still had a pretty good look at it. Obviously gave it a pretty good try.
It didn't go in and now I'm sitting here talking to y'all.

Q. This situation, how nice is it to sort of be able to sit back now and wait and see what happens?
GEORGE MCNEILL: I'm glad I'm in the position I am. Again, like I said earlier, I don't think it's going to be enough but I'm glad I'm finished. I played as well as I could. It's up to them now.

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