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August 20, 2011

Andy Murray


6-3, 7-6

THE MODERATOR: Tomorrow Andy will attempt to win his seventh ATP Masters career title, the second in Cincinnati, and also his second title of the season.

Q. Second set, you had Love-40 a couple times on Mardy's serve, and he got back to deuce and won a couple of those. Was he doing anything different on his serve in those games where you weren't able to convert?
ANDY MURRAY: I broke three times in the set, which should be enough, you know. But, yeah, I mean, one game, I think maybe the 5-All game, he came up with two very good serves. That's best part of Mardy's game. He's got a very good serve. He played two good points on his serve; one of them was an ace.
The other point I think I had a chance on and didn't take it. But I converted a lot of my chances. I broke him, yet he hadn't lost serve all week. I broke him four or five times, so I returned well. Serve I'll need to improve because I got broken a few times in the second.

Q. Your moods seemed to change as the second set wore on. You started off almost giggly for you, and then shifted to screaming and your box a lot. Is that because the match is getting frustrating?
ANDY MURRAY: I was struggling physically. That's frustrating for me, because that's something I haven't struggled with for quite a long time. When you're kind of in control of a match and then you start to physically get a little bit tired, it becomes frustrating, because rather than concentrating on just playing the match, which I was in the first set, you start thinking about the physical side, which you shouldn't really be having to.
So that's why I was getting frustrated. I'm glad I managed to finish it off in two sets.

Q. Just fatigue or something more specific?
ANDY MURRAY: I don't know exactly what it was I felt. Like right now I don't feel that tired, I don't feel that drained. My legs just need to get stronger. I've not played that many matches at all since Wimbledon.
I think it's just getting back to playing matches in these conditions at that intensity, because the first set there was a lot of long rallies, long points.
Yeah, I thought it was a pretty intense match, especially the first set and towards the end.

Q. Three years ago you guys met here in the final. Does that match give you any tips on how to beat him? I know it was a long time ago, but you played well and beat him here. As you go into the match tomorrow, same game plan? Different?
ANDY MURRAY: I think both of our games have probably improved a bit since then. I've played Novak in a few finals and big matches over the last few years, and won some of them and lost some of them.
Yeah, I'll need to play well to get it tomorrow, but it's a good test tomorrow to see exactly where my game is before the US Open, because he's the No. 1 in the world just now. It'll be a good test for me.

Q. In regards to the tabloid hacking scandal that's unfolding in the U.K., have you ever had cause to wonder whether your cell phone or e-mail had been hacked? As a very public figure back home, what's been your take on that as it's unfolding?
ANDY MURRAY: I haven't really thought whether mine would have been hacked or not. (Smiling.) I probably don't do anything interesting enough for my phone to get hacked. I'm not too worried about that.
But, yeah, it was obviously disappointing. You don't really want those sort of things going on. But it happened, and it's getting dealt with just now. I hope it never happens again.

Q. Djokovic lost the first set in his quarterfinal and was down a break in the semifinal today before Berdych started feeling the injury more. Even though he's only lost one match this year, do you feel like this is a good time where he's sort of ripe to be upset this week?
ANDY MURRAY: I don't know. I think he's going to be pretty fresh, too. He was only on the court a half hour, 35 minutes today. He'll be fine for tomorrow. I'm sure he'll be up for the match. Yeah, I think it'll be a good match for both of us at this stage.
I mean, I feel like I can beat him; I've done it before and had quite a lot of chances. I probably should have won against him in Rome earlier this year on clay.
But I'll have to play well.

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