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August 20, 2011

Ryann O'Toole


RYANN O'TOOLE: Started off on the first hole, hit a good shot from the rough and made the putt for birdie. It's always nice to start off with a birdie, kind of gets things rolling, gets your confidence going, especially with putts dropping.
Kind of just kept playing, snuck a couple more birdies on 4 and 5. 5 was really good. It was just, you know, a little bladed wedge from the rough, trying to putt it. And so that started getting the momentum.
I had a couple hiccups on 7 and 8, so I dropped back to even. So it was a battle. I had to kind of settle back in and just remind myself to just play the holes and kind of keep going. I think I was getting a little excited, and I hit one bad shot and you kind of get ahead of yourself. It gets hot out here, so I think the best thing was to stay hydrated?

Q. How big was it when you look at tough scoring conditions and you were one of the players, I think there was less than 20 so far who've been able to shoot under par today. How big is that to be able to put up a round like that on a day like this?
RYANN O'TOOLE: I think it's good, just to realize that now that you said it. It was tough with the wind. I mean the greens were firm. I've had some funky putts today. You know, you hit some great shots and you end up 60 feet from the hole and now you got a dinosaur you gotta putt over basically it feels like.
So you know, it did play tough, but I think that if you just kind of stayed in the moment and kept fighting and kept grinding, especially with it being 90 degrees out here, I think that really showed who came to play today.
I mean tough conditions are all over the place, but people are always going to go low, so I'm glad that I was able to bring my game today?

Q. Can you just talk a little bit about your year, your rookie season and the success you had at the Women's Open and now finding yourself kind of in contention again? How's this year been for you?
RYANN O'TOOLE: This year's been good. I mean I was struggling to get into events at the beginning, so when I finally got into Albany and made the cut and jumped a bunch with the shuffle, it was nice to finally not have to feel like I had to Monday qualify every event or hope that I got in and just watched the wait list.
So to finally get in and get a few events under my belt and qualify for the Open, it just felt like things were finally coming around. I mean I played well last years on the FUTURES TOUR, so I knew that I was ready to come out here and do my thing. I went from trying to just make cuts and get my feet wet to after the Open realize that, hey, Top 10 is in my grasp every time.
So you know, setting new goals and trying to just take it one step at a time, you know, not try to jump too far. I mean if a win comes, awesome. I'm going to play my game and play one shot at a time, but I'm just going to take it as that?

Q. Is today the first time you've played with Na Yeon Choi?
RYANN O'TOOLE: Yeah. We played a practice round in the Open a couple holes, but that was the first time her and I played together?

Q. What do you think of her game?
RYANN O'TOOLE: She's a great putter. You know, watching her yesterday was, you know, if I looked at the difference between our rounds, I mean I struck it just as well, but she made every putt she looked at and that's I felt like after my round yesterday, that's where I knew that the difference was, so practiced that for about an hour and felt like today was much better in the sense of being patient and the way I rolled it and staying in my routine.
You know, it was tough yesterday, someone going -- shooting 8-under or coming at 18 and being 8-under and not chasing all day, kind of just having to play your game, where to her it seemed like the hole looked like a toilet. So it was a little smaller.

Q. Is six shots back too far do you think?
RYANN O'TOOLE: No. I mean I know this is different than the FUTURES TOUR, but I've played -- this year I won out in Mexico and I had four or five shots back and I won by one. So anything can happen. I mean there's a few holes out here that could really hurt people, and you know, it's anybody's game. If you get some putts rolling, I mean today if you get rid of -- I had double and two bogeys. I would be two shots back. So you have no idea what could happen. I mean you could have a round like Na Yeon did yesterday and be looking at chasing the leader.

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