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May 25, 2001

Allen Doyle


JULIUS MASON: Allen Doyle; folks. If you won't mind giving us your thoughts on the round today and then we'll go to Q and A.

ALLEN DOYLE: Well, I played pretty solid. I drove it good again, which you have to do here. And I hit a lot of greens, you know, really didn't make anything great happen. You know, I had a three-putt bogey on 14, was my only bogey. Other than that, I hit a lot of greens and two-putted, and really thought the course played very similar to yesterday.

JULIUS MASON: Good. Thank you. Questions?

Q. Let me ask you this, kind of describe very briefly your season coming into this week, around now this particular week, how much the juices kind of get flowing for this Championship?

ALLEN DOYLE: I've had a good year. I've had a lot of Top 10s. You know, but you get a little more excited for this week. Hopefully not too much where you throw your game off trying too hard, but, you know, I was fairly confident, very confident coming into this week, and, you know, wanting to strike the ball well like I have been. I've done that. I just need to get the putter a little harder.

Q. Can you talk about the conditions of the course and how tough this course is playing and how the wetness has changed it?

ALLEN DOYLE: Well, you know, I think the wetness has made it easier. It softened up the fairways so if some of the drives that you're not shaping right are staying in the fairways as compared to running out of the fairways. And the greens are very receptive. It isn't surprising to see the kind of birdies that we see on our Tour week in, week out. But the greens are a little hard to read, and, you know, never seemed, at least for me, when I got on the greens I got that real good feel and real good eye of what that putt was doing, and, you know, that's probably the reason you don't see a lot of birdies. But I think it plays easier when it gets a little softer.

Q. Did you notice that Jim was getting to 9-under a little bit, he was widening the gap, did you notice that? And four shots back, do you change your strategy with 36 holes to go?

ALLEN DOYLE: Well, I didn't today when I saw him get to 8 and then 9, you know, because we do have a long way to go. If this was the end of Saturday, I think someone coming down the stretch on day three, if a guy's leading by 4, 5 shots, you got to get a little more aggressive. But today I was just trying to stay in the, you know, form I was in and just trying to not force the birdies to happen, but at least keep playing my game so maybe they would happen.

Q. Your comfort level here, this is pretty similar to a lot of the types of courses you grew up playing on. How does that make you feel when you're ready to tee it up?

ALLEN DOYLE: It makes you feel fairly good. You know, when I came and played the practice round, I mean, it's hard for me not to like a hole that goes from right-to-left. So you get out -- you know, you feel that with a course like that you don't even have to be that -- you don't have to be super sharp, because most every hole is going the way, you know, you normally work the ball. So it's pretty comfortable to get up on a tee and know that if you don't turn it quite enough it's still going to be okay, and if you turn it a little too much, it's still going to be okay. As I said, the greens are receptive. So if your iron game is on pretty good, you feel like you can score.

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