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August 18, 2011

Stuart Appleby


Q. The new putter. What happened today?
STUART APPLEBY: I got lucky a couple times. I was really fortunate on the first par 5, made an eagle. Made a couple of longs bombs. Anything over 25, 30 feet is pretty lucky. I made two more like 30, 40. That's nice, you know.
Then I made a couple of nice ones coming in. A decent round of golf. I tried to be -- feel like my game, try to be a more enthusiastic. It's been pretty tough this year. I felt like my game was turning. One putter I'm still working on it. Seems to be a lot of long putters on the putting green.

Q. After last week everybody might try them. What about that decision, how long did it take to make the decision, when did you finally decide I'm going to do it?
STUART APPLEBY: I don't remember. I just been remember having enough, I've had enough. I thought I got to get more consistent. I think Adam Scott touched on the same thing, just wasn't very consistent enough and, you know, I'm looking for that.
Very long and very heavy. Trying to get the pace of my stroke, different mechanics and obviously I'm trying to turn around my attitude and just get much more into the game and be that way and be enthusiastic.
I'm still trying to push away some rubbish, have another spelling, rubbish. I enjoyed that. It was nice to see under par. I don't think I've had that many birdies in the last six months.

Q. 116 in FedExCup Points. Certainly a great start for you.
STUART APPLEBY: It is. The first playoffs next week will be the one where you really make a move. Martin Laird last year -- Matt Kuchar had a good year. Martin was sort of sitting out where I am in no man's land, finishes 2nd.
The whole year turns around for him, he's in all the Majors, all the World Championships. That's the awesomeness of it.
Next week is the deal. If I can get some form going this week and get a win and turn it into something and good form again next week, I can turn a really ordinary year into something in the FedEx that looks like I had a good year.

Q. Well done.

Q. Fantastic round, 6-under par. Talk about your round a little bit.
STUART APPLEBY: Got off to a lucky start. Made a bit of an eagle on the first par 5, bit long. Got really lucky. Really tough shot. Tried to get it within ten feet and ended up making it. I guess I got it within ten feet.
Made a couple longs putts well over 30 feet. I'm using the belly putter this week so that was a bit unusual because I'm really still trying to find my pace with the long putt and the putter itself.
Made a couple nice birdies coming in. I don't think I've had a round of golf this year bogey-free. I haven't made 6 birdies in six months. Nice change. I'd love to just milk this now for right through to the Tour Championship and absolutely go crazy.

Q. Played well after the Greenbrier winning last year. You kind like the classic design?
STUART APPLEBY: Yes. Yes. You certainly got to put in it play here. Critically the rough is just really diabolical. You're in and have a 10 or 20 percent chance of hitting a shot you're trying to execute. The rest of the time it's chop it out or yell for it to sit down because it can come out really hot, some of them.
Driving is critical. Iron play is pretty tough because you got a lot of some downhill, some up, trying to get that ball flight right and some really moving greens.
The greens are receptive. I think that's the one thing that's enabled the low scores, the greens are soft enough if you got your eye on it you can start to roll it.

Q. Do the greens help when you're trying to get used to a new putter like you are?
STUART APPLEBY: The greens are pretty slow. I'm not sure if it helps or not. Whatever I'm putting on trying to find my way with the new mechanics of sort of a longer putter.
But, yeah, I made a couple long putts so obviously I got my speed and line right. Getting it close to the hole is obviously where you really got to start making birdies inside 20 feet. I can't hope I'm making 40 footers tomorrow.

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