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August 18, 2011

Jason Dufner


Q. Jason, before we get into today's round, lot of folks haven't heard the great story about Monday after the PGA. You've got a day off, you go home to Auburn and what happens?
JASON DUFNER: Yeah. I got to know some of the football coaches pretty well. I went up to the complex, the whole team was in one of the auditoriums. They gave me a big standing ovation. They said some things about how guys can learn from that experience. It was pretty neat to be in that environment. I'm pretty close to the coaches and follow the team.

Q. You be like David Toms down on the sidelines every week, helping coaching the team once the season is over?
JASON DUFNER: Probably no coaching. And, actually, the sidelines are probably the worse place to watch a game. You can't see much. I'll sit in my seat and catch the games when I can here coming up in the fall.

Q. Nice solid round today.
JASON DUFNER: Not too bad. Wish I could have hit some more fairways. The rough is pretty penalizing out here but I scored well. So 4-under 66 is a good start.

Q. How much gas you got left in the tank? Are you going to run on fumes?
JASON DUFNER: I played 9 holes on Tuesday, played yesterday. I've been sleeping pretty good. Probably a lot less stressful if I would have won, lot more obligations.

Q. Still rolling the rock pretty well?
JASON DUFNER: The putting was really good today. I changed putters from last week. I got a new Scotty Cameron that I ordered a couple weeks ago and I got it last Wednesday and I didn't want to quite put in it play but I thought maybe this would be a good opportunity. So it's been looking good and putted really well.

Q. How about that. Good luck to you this weekend. Keep it going.
JASON DUFNER: Thanks a lot.

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