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July 13, 2001

Allen Doyle


DAVE SENKO: Allen, 3-under today. You stand at 8-under for the tournament. Maybe if you can could just give us a quick run down on your round today.

ALLEN DOYLE: I played 1 through 4, 5 -- I bogeyed 5. I hit it in the back short cut of rough and didn't make a very good pitch out and I missed about a 6-footer. Then I hit 7 in two. 2-putted for birdie. We had like 229 to the hole. Then we parred 8 and 9. We got a good streak going on the back nine. We birdied 11 from about five feet. I hit a 9-iron in from about 127 yards. The wind was in our face, to about five feet, and made that. Then hit a 6-iron to about 30 feet on 12 and I made that. Then I hit on 13, the par 5, I hit a railer in there about 10, 12 feet and 2-putted for birdie. I gave one back on 14 when I hooked it in the hazard. Then I hit a wedge in to 16 to about six feet from about 127 yards and made that. Then I laid up with a 5-iron about 30 yards short of the green on 17 and pitched to about four feet and made that. Then I hit it in the right rough on 18. Hit it in the right rough by the green about 40, 45 feet and pitched it about seven, eight feet by and didn't make that. That should account for my 3-under.

Q. Difference between today and yesterday? Did it feel kind of the same? Conditions were a little bit different ?

ALLEN DOYLE: The conditions were about the same. This morning I think we had a little more moisture on the greens. I'm not so sure -- they had some good, good pins today. I'm not sure they were quite as tough as yesterday. But we did have a little more moisture in the greens, so some of the shots, you may have had some real tight shots. You had a little more confidence you could hit in there and it would not get away from you, which was not the feeling that you had yesterday. In fact, I was a little surprised. I never thought of it before. I kind of assumed we would have relatively close pins to where they were yesterday. I was a little bit, you know, thrown off that you could give the morning group yesterday a little softer pins and have a pin like on 10, and then today give them harder greens but give them -- that kind of threw me a little. I was under the assumption that with late and early times, we would have similar pins from one day to the next, but I guess we don't. So I would have to say that going by the way the greens were today that the morning/afternoon groups would have -- it would appear to have a good break today and yesterday.

Q. Can you just talk about what it's like to be at the top with somebody else? Both you and Hale were right at the top. Do you even think about it or is it impossible to ignore?

ALLEN DOYLE: You think about it, but you can't think too much about it. It's good, if you're going to do something in events like these, you've got to play with those guys. You know, you see how -- on the one hand you see that Hale is beatable; I didn't think he hit the ball that good today. But on the other hand, you see why he is who he is because he had such a great day with the putter. I mean, I think you can always learn and you learned today that you don't have to be striking it dead solid perfect to put up a hell of a good number. Yeah, you pay attention to who you are playing with, what's going on.

Q. Last major of the year. Is there a little more focus or intensity because it is the last one of the year and you're thinking, "I've got to get mine now"?

ALLEN DOYLE: This is my third year here, and this is the first year that it feels like a major. You couldn't have convinced me in the past two years that this was a major, because of the golf course. But, you know, we got here this week and the greens were a little quicker. I still don't think they did enough with the fairways, but you may not have to if you get the firmness and the speed of the greens up. When I played the Pro-Am on Wednesday, you know, it has the feel of one because of the way the golf course was playing.

Q. Are you getting the feeling that maybe you are about due for one of these, with five Top-10s in the last six events?

ALLEN DOYLE: You know, there isn't another man out there that feels that way probably, that I'm due. It's every man for himself out here. I'm going to keep playing hard and keep trying to get into the mix on Sunday, and, you know, if I can keep doing that, I'll do okay.

Q. When there are tougher condition like here or other places this year, do you think the pool of players that really can win, what do you think it is reduced to? Is it 20 guys or 30 guys or is it even less than that?

ALLEN DOYLE: You know, that's a good, good question. I've got to believe it has to be maybe to 30 guys. If you had gone to the PGA Seniors two years ago and asked what the size of that pool was and then you asked names. I would not have been in that pool. If you had done that same thing at the PGA Seniors last year with Doug Tewell, he would not have been in that pool. So I've got to believe that it is a good 25, 30 guys.

Q. (Inaudible)?

ALLEN DOYLE: I think the Tour is getting a little deeper. I think that's the reason why. Certainly, guys have won on the Tour and they are not afraid to win out here. I think the more guys that we add like that -- which we do each year. And you see the guys that are in their late 50s and early 60s can still win, I think that those are the older guys that try to stay in a little better shape, and we get a little deeper each year.

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