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August 14, 2011

Anders Hansen


Q. Your best finish in a major championship. You must be very proud of yourself this week.
ANDERS HANSEN: Very proud of myself. Obviously you play a major, it's tough, the course is set up tough. I thought my ball-striking has been good all week.
I played really, really solid from tee-to-green and the putting has been pretty solid. It has not been magnificent but it's been pretty solid so all in all, it's good for my confidence. It's good for the future.

Q. Must have been times out there you thought you had a real chance at this.
ANDERS HANSEN: It looked like he was running away, and then, you know, I was still trying to make birdies. But you have 15, 16 is not exactly birdie holes.
And I managed to birdie 17, and you know, on 18, we put it out there behind the pin, and I don't know how long the putt was, but I told my caddie: This is it, this is what we have been working for, and now we have a chance. I told him to give me a good line and I hit it on the line, but it was a miss-read, but still, a good -- it's a tough hole 18, you don't really expect to birdie that one.

Q. How tough was the course setup this week, especially today?
ANDERS HANSEN: The course set up tough. You've got to hit the fairways. You can't really hit it -- if you hit it in the rough, you can't control the ball and the greens are firm. If you hit it in the bunkers, the bunkers -- there's sand in the bunkers.
I've never seen so many bad fairway bunkers just that I was seeing on TV this week. So you know, it's very tough. You've got to be in the short stuff to be able to control the ball, and at the end of the day, you've got to be able to control the ball to do well on this course.

Q. Looking back at the four days, is there a shot or two, if you come up a shot or two shy, that you'll remember?
ANDERS HANSEN: You can always do that, but that's not the way I choose to look at it.
I choose to look at it as a good week -- wherever I finish, it's been a good week for me. Obviously it would have been nice, but I think everybody could have said: Had I made that putt, had I done this; we can all do that. And that's not the way the game is played.

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