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August 14, 2011

D.A. Points


Q. Just talk a little bit about the week overall, how you're feeling here on Sunday.
D.A. POINTS: Yeah, you know, a little disappointed because I was playing well and just couldn't ever quite seem to kind of really get it going. I played well, and I'm not going to discount that, but it was just like there was times where I had things going, I had things going, and I'd miss a short putt or I'd get a bad bounce or something funky would happen. Today I grinded all day and played really solid, and just -- just hit it into a bunker and had a bad lie and all I could do was get it down there and the next shot the wind didn't take it and I make double. But that's just the way it goes.

Q. Is this closing stretch of holes as tough a holes as anywhere you've played?
D.A. POINTS: Yeah, the thing is 18 is a par-5 that they've made a par-4, and it's just kind of a stupid hole. I mean, you've got to basically almost pull it to get it into the fairway, and then you've got a really hard second shot. It would be a great par-5. But you know, it's the same for everybody, and I think 17 is a good par-3. You've really got to -- it's a gut check, and then 16, from the front of the tee with a little bit of helping wind it's not a bad hole. 15, from the bottom tees -- it would be a great hole from 170 yards. From 230 it's a little obscene.
But I would say they're hard. They're not good holes, they're hard holes.

Q. A finish like that, what's this do for you for the rest of the year?
D.A. POINTS: A little. Not as much as a top 3 would, top 12 or whatever I am. That will help, but you know, I really need to have a big FedExCup, play well over the next four events and hopefully get in the Tour Championship.

Q. Trevor Immelman was saying that it's 17 really good holes and then the 18th hole just doesn't make any sense at all. Your thoughts? Is that kind of close?
D.A. POINTS: Yeah, that's real close. Again, it would be a great par-5. It's not a hard fix. It's not a hard fix. You just play it back a little bit and make it a par-5, and you'd have more guys going for it and it would be more exciting. This way it's just who's going to have a train wreck, and I don't think that's a good way to have a golf tournament end.

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