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August 14, 2011

David Toms


Q. Your thoughts on the week, coming back here?
DAVID TOMS: I have a lot of different emotions. Certainly I felt a little pressure to perform. Just on myself, not from anybody else, but just, you know, wanting to play well, you know.
And then I played really well today. Got over there on the back side and really had a chance until some of the other guys started to make birdies, and that was a lot of fun, to get into somewhat of contention anyway and I held in there.
I bogeyed the first -- I bogeyed 2 and 3 right off the bat, and to come back from that and it looks like to maybe a Top-5 finish, certainly feel good about it.

Q. What is it about this golf course that matches up good with your game?
DAVID TOMS: I don't know, I just feel comfortable in Atlanta. Doesn't matter what course it is, I've always played well in this city and I love coming here. The people have been very supportive of my career along the way, and it's really all I can say about it, because I've played a lot of different courses well. So, I just like it here.

Q. Talk about today's setup and how you think it will affect the finish.
DAVID TOMS: Well, I mean, the 18th hole, anything can happen there. Just trying to protect a one-shot lead would be very, very difficult. I mean, just like it was for me when I played that hole last time. So, we'll see.
A couple of young guys in there, and they have just got to suck it up and hit a tee shot there on 18 and once you do that, it's not over. We'll see. It looks like it's going to be an exciting finish.

Q. What was going through during that stretch on the back when you were starting to put up numbers and climbing up the leaderboard? Were you aware of where you were?
DAVID TOMS: A little bit. I was watching but at the same time Dufner got to double digits, so I figured I didn't have much of a chance. And I made a bad swing on 16 on my second shot and made bogey. The last two holes are pretty tough to birdie. Overall pretty good finish. I'm happy with it.

Q. What confidence do you have going into the Playoffs?
DAVID TOMS: I've played well the last couple of weeks on two hard golf courses and finished in the Top-10 both weeks against strong fields. Gives me a lot of confidence. I'm looking forward to Greensboro as well a place I like, so hoping to get a tournament there under my belt heading into The Barclays and seeing if we can keep it going.

Q. How tough were the final four holes?
DAVID TOMS: As tough as you want. 15, if you don't hit the shot, you're not going to make -- it's going to be tough for you to make a par. And then 16 is a good, solid par 4 with a good tee shot and a long second shot.
17, the way they had it set up there, enticing people to go for the flag, you can make a double pretty quickly and we all know the story on 18. Tough finish.

Q. How different did you feel on the first tee on Sunday from 2001 and now?
DAVID TOMS: I was probably more relaxed today, just because, you know, it was kind of -- I didn't really have any pressure on me at all where I did ten years ago and it was all on me.
So today it was a little more fun out there, a little more, you know, telling stories and just having a fun day, where it was a little more nerve-wracking last time.

Q. The talk coming in was this was going to be for the long hitters. How did you approach it?
DAVID TOMS: Well, you see: You had to be in the fairway to have any chance at all. So maybe some of the long hitters were a little more aggressive and they probably made more double-bogeys than some of the shorter hitters. But now you see you have a good mix on the leaderboard in the end, so it looks like anybody can win here are.

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