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August 14, 2011

Luke Donald


Q. Talk about the excellent early play, first of all, 4-under through 12 holes, within three shots, what are you thinking at that stage?
LUKE DONALD: Well, at the beginning of the day, I thought if I could get to maybe 6-, 7-under, I might have a chance. There's enough wind to make it tricky but the guys out front really made it tough. They are playing well.
When I got to 4-under through 12, you know, still being three back and they have the easy stretch, I thought I had to press a little bit hard and take on some pins on those last few holes, and obviously I hit a poor shot on 15. Just didn't strike it well enough, and you know, it's a tough stretch to make up for.

Q. Were you going at the flag on 15?
LUKE DONALD: I was trying to go really a little tighter line than I wanted to -- than I would have really used -- what I really would have gone for. But it would have been okay. I just didn't strike it well.

Q. Obviously another great check for you, going onto both Money Lists, both sides of the pond; your focus next to wind both of those? Never been done?
LUKE DONALD: Certainly a goal. That would be a great accomplishment. You know, as I said, no one's ever done it, and to be the first would be very special.

Q. You had it going there and getting it to 5-under, you must have felt that you were in there with a shout?
LUKE DONALD: I did and I didn't. I thought if I got to 6- or 7-under total, that might be good enough. But you know, just standing on 15th tee and looking at the leaderboard, the guys were playing very well, the lead groups, and I was still four back at that stage and they had the easy holes to play.
I got a little bit more aggressive on the last few holes. Those holes are tough to be aggressive on.

Q. How will you reflect on this week?
LUKE DONALD: A missed opportunity again. The positives I see is I didn't have my best this week and I still came reasonably close. You know, I know I've got the game to compete and win majors, but got to take that it as a positive.
Again, bittersweet. It's another major gone, another year gone without winning a major.

Q. With the championship, leaders coming into the final few holes, can you tell us how difficult they are playing today?
LUKE DONALD: 15, yeah, 260 yards or something. It's been a long hole. Even Spencer Levin hit a very nice shot to the middle of the green and went over to the back bunker. 15 is tough.
16 and 17 are not too bad. 17 is the same. You have to step up there and hit good shots.

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