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August 13, 2011

Keegan Bradley


Q. How has Phil helped you?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: Playing with Phil has been an awesome thing for me especially. He's talked me through some of the things does he in his routine, especially with late tee times like today. A lot of the advice he gave me has helped me play very well.
Plus, I'm more nervous playing with him than I am on Sunday in the final group of a major. It's a good thing all around and the last time I played with him, I won the week after and I played with him at Firestone last week. So maybe it's a good omen.

Q. How do you explain your composure in this venue?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: It's been pretty good. I doubled my first hole today and it really did not faze me that much. It felt great. My goal was to under-react to everything that happened out there today, good or bad. And you know, I took it pretty well. I knew that it was a very important time for me to stay calm and stay patient, or else it could have got away from me, and I did, which was good.

Q. I asked it to Jason and I asked it to Brendan as well, what will you have to manage between now and when you tee off tomorrow?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: You know, I don't think I'm going to have any trouble sleeping. I'm barely standing up right now.
But like I've been telling, I've got my little nephew, Aiden, we call him AK, he's ten months old, and I'm having a blast just kind of hanging out with him in the morning and playing with him, and he keeps my mind off everything.
It's kind of a weird -- I look at him and there's so much going on and he has no clue of what's going on, and it's kind of a weird, relaxing thing for me. It's a good thing he's here.

Q. You're here for the first time? Are you sure you've got a firm grip about what's going on here?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: No, I probably have no idea what's going on. (Laughter) Almost every week out here, I kind of have to pinch myself. It's a lifelong goal of mine to be out here. I hope that I can still not understand what's going on tomorrow for sure.

Q. When all of the rookies got together in the beginning of the year, the first ice cream social to meet everyone, did you all sit around and say, oh, we'll probably be up at the top of the leaderboard and playing in the final group of the PGA Championship, that's how things are going to go, right?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: You know, it was very inspiring today to see Steeley, one of my good buddies up there, and we have the same agent, up there on top of the leaderboard and it's kind of a relaxing thing. He's such a good guy. It's going to be fun. I'm playing right in front of him tomorrow. If we would have said that to each other -- we probably would have laughed. It's pretty cool.

Q. How hard is it to put a round together be coming up on 15, 16, 17; say you're having a nice round, it has not happened to you guys, but to see it all washed away on 17 and 18; so many guys make double or bogey.
KEEGAN BRADLEY: It's a cliché but you have to try your very hardest not to think about it. Those holes are good holes. I hit two good shots on 18 today and had a good look at birdie. If you hit good shots on this course, you're going to have some good looks at birdies.
It's just about staying patient, and I know it's a cliché, but to stay one shot at a time, and it's difficult to do for sure but the guy who does it the best tomorrow will probably win.

Q. Would you be more nervous teeing off on 1 tomorrow or 18 --
KEEGAN BRADLEY: Definitely on 18 for sure. But I hope I'm in that position to be nervous. That's what we all play for.

Q. Where does your aunt keep her trophies from the six majors she won, and have you eye-balled those?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: One time, my aunt just moved to Cape Cod a couple of years ago, and I would go into the basement of my grandmother's house and there are all these boxes. I'm probably 16 at the time. And I start going through the boxes and it's a room full of boxes, and I start going through the boxes and it's all of her trophies. It's like I'm pulling out, here is the Solheim Cup, here is a replica of the U.S. Open, like crazy, like it's in a box downstairs. She keeps them displayed, some in Ireland actually at Old Head, and she keeps a bunch at TPC Boston, which is where the Massachusetts Golf Association is.

Q. What, to this point in your career prior to tomorrow, what is the greatest day or moment of pressure you faced?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: You know, the greatest pressure I've ever felt, I say this all the time: That second stage of Q-School on the 17th tee at Southern Hills in Florida with nobody watching. I could barely feel my arms. Doesn't even come close to this. I was so nervous. Other than, that I'm standing on the tee in a playoff to win my first TOUR event probably.
But I feel great and I haven't felt that nervousness that's a little scary yet, and you know if it does happen it means I'm in position, which is where I want to be.

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