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August 13, 2011

Jason Dufner


Q. (How will you approach tomorrow).
JASON DUFNER: Just try to keep the same mind-set I've had all week, try to hit fairways, trying get off to a good start on the front nine that. I think that nine might be a little easier. And just try to get into position to win this thing.

Q. What do you think will be going through you when you step to the first tee?
JASON DUFNER: Probably be a little anxious. I guess you could probably call it nerves. But just for me, it's anxious to get out there and get going and see how I can stack up against this field, against this golf course. I think that's what all the guys that are out here playing tournament -- I think they just want to see how they stack up I think.

Q. If you're staring at 18 tee and you have to hit it in; so many guys have driven it in the water on 18. How difficult is it going to be to bring this tournament home?
JASON DUFNER: That's definitely a hole you would like to have a three or four shot lead going into. I played it pretty well. I feel pretty comfortable with that tee shot. They have had the tees up a little bit the last two days. So maybe that takes that water just a little bit out of play, but I'm sure they will have it back tomorrow.
But know that a lot of guys have been struggling on that hole but for me I've been pretty comfortable. A nice tee shot for me. Fits my eye pretty well, the wind has been going the way with the hole and the iron shots, you get it over the water, you can play from there.

Q. Can you imagine a couple of guys, one guy you'll be with, another right in front of you, playing in your first major, and being on the board and in the mix and under fire what that must be like?
JASON DUFNER: That's pretty amazing.

Q. Do you think they will know any better?
JASON DUFNER: I don't know. Maybe no, I don't know. Those guys have been playing very well. Keegan got it back, got it under par. I think Brendan won in San Antonio earlier in the year. So they have got some experience even though this might be their first major.
But they have experiences as far as playing tournaments and winning tournaments, and I think that goes a long way, whether you win at junior golf or college golf or Hooters Tour or Nationwide Tour, that's winning; that's competing. The names might change, the atmosphere might change but I think it goes a long way and I think that's why those guys have been real successful.

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