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August 13, 2011

Adam Scott


ADAM SCOTT: I was playing well today so disappointed to lose a couple shots. Tomorrow I'm going to have to play a great round of golf to give myself a chance to be in the tournament come the end of the day. You know, I still think I'm in with a chance.

Q. Is this the kind of golf course where you can make up some shots in the final round?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, you can make up six shots in the last four holes, so yeah, I think you can make up six shots in the last round. But I'm going to have to play well, going to have to get the momentum going and minimize the errors, which I've done well all week, but today I just really didn't get any positive momentum; I was just staying around par most of the day, a couple mistakes here and there kind of erased my good play.

Q. You talked about how difficult it is to keep the momentum, keep the high going. Have you fought that at all?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, a little bit today, this morning was tough waking up. Felt like sleeping a bit longer would have been good and maybe not playing golf for a day. But it's just so hot out here. I think that's -- more than off the win last week, these couple weeks are pretty long weeks out there in the heat, and there's no escaping it out there today.

Q. Missing on 8 kind of stalled the momentum on 9 with the short misses?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, look, I think I had my chances there on the front nine at the end. If I would have converted 8 and 9 and 10 in 3-under, I could have been setting myself up for a great round today, put myself right there.

Q. You have some very important and impressive wins on your résumé. Does it cross your mind a major championship is the one thing needed to complete that?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, it's pretty hard not to realize that I haven't won a major. I'd like to. I've played in a lot of them now. But I've still got a chance tomorrow. I've got no pressure on me tomorrow, I just go out and go for it as far as I'm concerned. I've got nothing to lose. I'm here to win and win only, and if I finish 2nd or 10th or 50th it doesn't really matter. I'd like to give myself a great chance to win tomorrow, so hopefully I can come out and have a great front nine and set myself up.

Q. Your thoughts on 18 as a finishing hole?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, well, look, I played the hole beautifully on Thursday to -- I think it was a 3-wood and a 3-iron and made par, and they moved the tee forward yesterday. I still hit 3-wood. I hit a poor shot, but they had the tee forward again today and I had to change club. I hit a hybrid off the tee and I played it very nice, two good swings, which I'd like to carry into tomorrow.
Look, it's a fiddly finishing hole. That's about how I'd describe it. It's probably a great par-5 from 570, but it's a very fiddly par-4 from about 500 or 480.
You know, look, for me to win this golf tournament, I'm going to have to hit two great shots in there tomorrow and make a 4 at the worst.

Q. Is this the type of course as tough as those last few holes are that you feel like you can post a number and let the field come back to you?
ADAM SCOTT: Absolutely. Like I said, I think today those last four are playing as easy as they can. The tees are forward on all the holes. I'd be surprised if that was the way it was set up tomorrow. I think you can definitely make up some ground on the last four, and if you've posted a number, it wouldn't be a very comfortable position to be in standing on the 15th tee with a one-shot lead and someone in the clubhouse.

Q. How has the heat affected you the last three days?
ADAM SCOTT: It's a bit of a drag. I mean, it's really hot out there. Today when the sun is out, there's no escaping it, the heat beating down on you. But you've just got to drink water and shrug it off, I guess.

Q. How will you freshen up for tomorrow, speaking of being a bit tired?
ADAM SCOTT: I think just relax. I've just got to relax and not go and practice or anything like that. I think everything is right there for me, just trust it and take it easy tonight and probably take it easy in the morning. You know, I don't know, maybe even just a light warm-up on the bike just to get the juices flowing a bit rather than be a bit sluggish, just sort of con myself into a bit of energy.

Q. Is fiddly Australian for quirky?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, kind of. That's not a bad translation.

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