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August 13, 2011

Simon Dyson


Q. Disappointed? Could have been a lot better?
SIMON DYSON: I played really good. That's as good as I've played all week, really well, and I got through an unbelievable start. And then it all started on 6. Hit it in the right bunker, just not that hard a shot but the lie I had was just -- I mean, I was aiming 30 yards right of the pin and it came out straight at the pin. It went in the water. Nearly made a five, parred that, and then I pulled it in the water on 8. Made a good par today out of the bunker.
Made a good par at 9 but didn't really hit a good shot there. That was my worst hole there and then played great after that.
Got a good up-and-down at 10 off a flyer from the fairway. And then birdied 11, played a good 3-wood and 9-iron, and then birdied 12. Knocked it on in two.
Hit a lovely shot into 13, literally two yards right of where it's pitching, it's ten foot away, gets a left-hand bounce, spins into semi-plugged on a downslope and knifed it to the other side of the green and had no shot, walked off with bogey.
Good shot into the next. 3-putt that. Great shot into 15, hit as good a putt as I could, and that missed and then hit the longest 5-iron into 16 I think I've ever hit, 215 yards uphill. And it went over the back and it's just dead. Made a good five in the end.
And then my tee shot on 18, slipped, pulled it left, hit the tree, came down, and managed to make a good four.

Q. Frustrating?
SIMON DYSON: It is frustrating because it just didn't give me anything out there. I got off to a good start. And then got it back to 2-under, and did exactly the same. It's that type of golf course, isn't it.

Q. How's the back?
SIMON DYSON: Yeah, it was good today. I had pleasant of time to rest it so I knew I would be fine and went for a run this morning and it was okay.
So hopefully it will be all right tomorrow.

Q. Thoughts for tomorrow? Too far back?
SIMON DYSON: Yeah, it's too far back now. It's not that type of course where you can go and shoot 8- or 9-under, and the leaders -- we'll see. Top-10 would be a good finish I think.

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