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August 13, 2011

Robert Karlsson


Q. Six behind at the start of the day, you needed a good one and got it, how does that feel?
ROBERT KARLSSON: Obviously delighted with the way I was scoring today. I played pretty well, and knocked in a few birdie putts, so it's nice.

Q. 18th hole got you again, is that one of the hardest holes you've played, particularly a finishing hole?
ROBERT KARLSSON: I thought it was a nice putt. I mean, the golf course, the way it's set up, it's very important not to get too caught up in what it says on the scorecard and what the par is. You're just trying to play each hole as it comes. If you play -- this week, we played a par 3 at 260 yards and a par 4 at 275. So the end of the day, it's only a number. So you try to play 7,400 yards total as good as you can and try -- don't think about it.

Q. You shot 1-under, 2-under and 3-under around the back nine which is driving everybody else mad, so what's the secret to that success?
ROBERT KARLSSON: I've got to learn how to play the front nine I guess. I've played 10,11 and 13 well every day. So that's pretty much the secret. You can pretty much say that this golf course 1 through 4 is quite difficult holes and 5 through 14 is where you need to play well if you're going to score around here, and I've done that pretty well.

Q. 3-under 67 today, puts you 2-under par, you have to feel pretty good about that round?
ROBERT KARLSSON: I played well today. I played well through the middle part of the course, which is important, and yeah, it was good.

Q. What's really the key. Everybody is talking about keeping the driver in the fairway -- is that really what it was for you today?
ROBERT KARLSSON: Yeah, if you need a good score, you need to do pretty much everything pretty good. I did I made a couple of birdies from the rough, but it's not impossible, especially not when the pins are in the back, which is where they were today. But you've got to play pretty well all over to shoot under 70 here.

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