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August 13, 2011

Francesco Molinari


Q. 67, could you talk about your round?
FRANCESCO MOLINARI: Yeah, I started really well, putting well and playing well, so it was a really good roundup until the end. Obviously a couple of bogeys coming in, but it's a really tough, tough finish.
So I'm still satisfied with the round and you know, level par for the tournament is a good score.

Q. How important was it to get back to level par today?
FRANCESCO MOLINARI: Well, it was obviously, you know, I was looking forward to the morning tee time and trying to gain some spots on the leaderboard, so it's really important on the Saturday to putt yourself in conditions to do well on Sunday.

Q. You started off three birdies in the first four holes, so how important was that for you?
FRANCESCO MOLINARI: Well, it's huge. You know, you don't have many birdie holes on this golf course, so I managed to birdie like the second and the fourth, they are really tough holes, so it was bonus. When you find yourself 3-under after four, it's obviously much easier to play a golf course like this.

Q. Did that take a little pressure off knowing that you hit the ball well starting off going into the rest of the round?
FRANCESCO MOLINARI: Yeah, well, to be honest, I hit the ball well even in the first two rounds, so I lost a few too many shots here and there but was hitting the ball fine.
My thoughts coming in this morning were just keep hitting good shots.

Q. 5-under par through 15 holes, finished 3-under, what's your verdict on the day?
FRANCESCO MOLINARI: It was a positive day. I would have taken anything under par this morning, so I'm happy with the score. Obviously I was struggling a bit in the last few holes, but I didn't make any major damage, so I'm still happy, level par going into tomorrow, it's a pretty good score.

Q. 18th hole, the tee such today, doesn't make it much easier, does it?
FRANCESCO MOLINARI: Not really, because if you hit driver, you have to take it pretty much over the water on the left. It's still a really tough hole, and I was thinking of hitting 3-wood off the tee, then I decided for it the driver, but I wasn't really committed to the shot and I was lucky to get away with a five.

Q. You've been struggling with a wrist injury and not able to hit balls until Wednesday; how is the injury now?
FRANCESCO MOLINARI: It's better. It's a bit stiff in the morning and sore but when I play, I don't feel it anymore. Obviously, you know, that's the other reason why I'm happy I didn't hit a ball on Monday or Tuesday, so it was a strange preparation for a major, and on Thursday morning, I was just really happy to be playing and to be able to compete.
So it's really good to be here, level par, going into Sunday.

Q. 3-under par 67, what was the key to your round?
FRANCESCO MOLINARI: Well, I just started really well, and hit a few good iron shots close enough to make birdies and it was a good day of solid golf. I struggled a bit the last couple of holes, but it's a really tough, tough finish. So I'm happy with the round and level par going into tomorrow, it's a good score.

Q. Talk about those last four holes, you played them 2-over, but what's the difficulty of those holes?
FRANCESCO MOLINARI: Basically, you know, 15, 17 and 18 there's really no margin for error. So if you miss a shot, you're really lucky to get away with a bogey but it's really easy to make big numbers obviously on them. It's really a tough finish, especially when you're doing well, you're a bit nervous, it's not the last few holes that you would like to play.

Q. Even par heading into the final round, what are your thoughts about that?
FRANCESCO MOLINARI: I'm happy. I was struggling all week with the wrist injury, so I wasn't even sure of being playing. Just to be even par going into tomorrow -- today was really positive; I putted well. So, you never know. If I can have a good round tomorrow and play 18 holes as I played the first 12 or 13 today, I might do well.

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