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August 12, 2011

Brandt Jobe


BRANDT JOBE: 10, you have to hit a great drive to miss the green. You miss the fairway, you can't hit the green.
11, they are saying that's the easiest downhill from 175 over water; you miss it left, it's bogey, you miss it right, it's double.
12, I had hit it down the middle of the fairway and hit it left in the knob and went in the rough, and chipping out and that's no bargain. I could have made a few more putts. I had some putts to make out there to really have a good day. But overall, hey, I'm in the thick of things, a couple shots back, and we'll see what happens.

Q. Wind come into play early on?
BRANDT JOBE: Yeah, a little bit. It was nice because it was so dang hot, the wind helped a little bit. There wasn't enough really to bug you. When we got to that fourth hole, it was going four different directions in one minute. And that's when it gets hard going at these par 3s over water; you hit it over the green, you make bogey and you hit it short, you make double. That's the only time we had a tough go with the wind. Otherwise it was pretty steady.
About the last hole was when it stopped.

Q. As far as your game plan into tomorrow?
BRANDT JOBE: Well, you know what, I don't think you can really sit here and say you're going to attack this course, because I think I need to be probably a little bit more aggressive on some of my short irons than what I was today, which you know, now it's getting in position and we'll see what everyone does.
But I think I need to be a little more aggressive with my short irons and keep trying to hit fairways and that's just all you can do out here. It's so long.

Q. Saturday is moving day?
BRANDT JOBE: Saturday is moving day. Try not to make any mistakes. I really didn't make any mental mistakes. Physical mistakes are going to happen. I accept those.

Q. The way the flags are set up today, some pretty tough pin placements.
BRANDT JOBE: Yeah, even that one on 18, they moved the tees up for us but you're still hitting 5-iron in and it's sitting on a hill like this where a guy had a 5-footer and knocked it further by than what he had. Seems a little severe.
But we've all got to play it, so it's fair the end of the day. It's like they didn't like Steve shooting -- we can blame Steve for it, because they didn't like his 63, I think.

Q. So maybe a 64 would go over a little better?
BRANDT JOBE: Yeah, I don't know that you'll see the scores move all that much. They, in fact, came down two shots. I think the end of the day, if we get any wind, anything under par is going to be amazing.
But I think you're looking probably right about where you're at, 5-under is a pretty good score.

Q. Looks like a lot of people in play within ten shots. Seems like a wide-open, Wild West tournament?
BRANDT JOBE: There's no doubt about it. You know, you can definitely guide it, 4-under, 4-over, two great rounds, you'll be right there. Be right in the middle of winning the thing without anybody knowing. That's kind of how this course is; a good round, you can really leapfrog people, because there just aren't that many good rounds out there.

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