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August 12, 2011

Rob Moss


Q. Tell me about the whole experience and what you got out of this whole week.
ROB MOSS: Oh, it was just a tremendous experience this week being able to have a front row seat with all these world-class players. It was a pleasure to be out here and be on the practice range with them, and I had a great pairing this week. I played with J.J. Henry and Alex, and it was just a great, great week. They were very kind to me and very cordial and supportive, and it was just a fun week. I had a bunch of family and friends out supporting me, and it was really just a fun week.

Q. When you started and made the field, one of 20 PGA professionals, the odds of that are pretty astronomical. Has that sunk in?
ROB MOSS: The odds are pretty astronomical. It was just an honor to be representing all the club professionals in our country this week, and being one of those 20 club professionals who had the privilege to play here this week was just a great honor.
I've learned I need to continue to work on my swing. I need to continue to try to find some length somewhere in there and need to continue to work on my irons because this is my third trip to the PGA and they've all been very unique experiences and every one has been exceptional, but it comes down to the same thing, you've really got to golf your ball, tee to green.

Q. Have you seen anything like the stretch on 14 to 18 before?
ROB MOSS: No, those five finishing holes are just probably the toughest stretch in golf, at least from what a lot of the Tour professionals have been saying. I can't think of any finishing stretch that's any more difficult that puts such a demand on your approach shots. You have to be very precise out there. 17 you have to carry it over water but stop it before those back bunkers. 18 you'd better hit two good golf shots if you're going to get it on that green in regulation. It's just a great test of golf this week.

Q. What are you going to tell your kids, your grandkids one day, I played in three PGA Championships. It's got to be pretty special.
ROB MOSS: You know, it is very special, and like I said, it's a great honor to have been one of the 20 club professionals to play in multiple PGAs. I had my family out here with me this week, my wife and three boys and extended family and my caddie Andy Dorman and his family. It was really just a great experience, so hopefully they all enjoyed it as much as I did. Made a couple birdies each day so I gave them a little something to cheer about. But yeah, it'll be great to look back years from now and say that you were able to play in a few PGAs.

Q. What's next for you? What happens next week? Do you go back to member-guests?
ROB MOSS: Actually I missed a member-guest this past week. I hate to say that, but we had one of our single member-guests this past weekend, but my staff is -- I have an excellent staff and they took care of everything in my absence.

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