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August 12, 2011

Dan Olsen


Q. Overall, two days here, playing a major tournament, what's the overall feeling like.
DAN OLSEN: Good. It's a good tournament. It's a good tournament. The sand really hurts it, but other than that, it's a good tournament.

Q. They have talked about accuracy being a real premium off the tee, can you attest to that any?
DAN OLSEN: For sure. You have to drive it in the it fairway for sure because you can't really play -- the bunkers are almost unplayable. So it makes it even tighter than it appears.

Q. As one of 20 club professionals who made the tournament, what is the feeling like representing the PGA here at this championship?
DAN OLSEN: Good. I mean, you're just trying to be the -- the guys that are not PGA members are professional, as well, so we have a responsibility to play here -- my peers do, that so I just make sure I do that. It's great to play here.

Q. Is there one specific good memory that you'll take back home with you?
DAN OLSEN: Yeah, I made a big putt on the last hole.

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