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August 12, 2011

John Senden


Q. Nice position.
JOHN SENDEN: Nice position, pretty good out there. Yeah, I've been striking the ball well and letting it go well, so looking forward to the weekend.
I made some great putts out there today, and you know, put myself in good positions off the tee, and you know, I'm just hanging around. So I need to keep letting it go for the weekend.

Q. How much of it is about patience?
JOHN SENDEN: It is about patience. I think the golf course is definitely drying up. I believe that the greens are getting a little quicker, and there will be some testing putts on the weekend, as well.
So it's about me just being patient and putting myself in good positions and having a chance, and you know, letting it go again on the greens.

Q. Do you feel like you're flying under the radar a little bit?
JOHN SENDEN: Yeah, I always have been. So I think that I need to, you know, step it up, go out there and really want it, and feel good about myself and go and do what I've been doing the last couple of days.
I just set the goals for letting it go, free-wheeling out there, and you know, if I can do that for two days, win, lose or draw, I'll be happy.

Q. Do you feel you have to go out and post a really low score tomorrow?
JOHN SENDEN: I don't think -- there is a low score out there if you really strike it well. But I think you haven't got to be off that much to be in an awkward position.
I think that you take the good with bad with this golf course and I think patience is the name of the game.

Q. You've done okay over these back finishing holes on this side; what is it about that that you've been able to handle?
JOHN SENDEN: Yeah, I think on those, 15, you've got to hit a great tee shot on the long hole, and 16, and 18, is crucial with the driving. I think that you have to hit the fairways to have any chance of making the green, and you know I've been through them pretty well.
So that's kind of the key for the weekend it's not over until it the last green on this golf course. So I think I need to keep on being patient and hitting great shots.

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