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August 12, 2011

Luke Donald


Q. Yesterday you said after your first round you were disappointed with 70, what's the verdict today?
LUKE DONALD: I'm almost pleased with that score today. I didn't play very well. I didn't have a lot of control off the tee, and you're going to struggle around this course if you're out of position.
And I scrapped it around pretty well. I actually had a good chance to get under par on 14. Missed that putt. And disappointing bogey at the last.
But yeah, it wasn't a very solid round tee-to-green. Just the way I felt about my game. But the good thing is, I'm still only 6- or 7- back, and if I can find something and get a hot weekend, then I'm still in with a chance.

Q. What's changed from last weekend? You were hitting the ball so beautifully.
LUKE DONALD: That's golf, unfortunately. It's hard to pinpoint. I wish I knew. I wish I could peak for these weeks rather than other weeks. But I felt -- I'm not feeling anymore nervous or anything like that. Just for some reason, just not feeling as comfortable over the ball.

Q. Sometimes players say it's difficult to play catch up in majors, the courses are too difficult and the pressure is too great, how do you feel about going into this weekend in that respect?
LUKE DONALD: Well, you know, the scores usually start to come back to the field, the leaders on the weekend. So if I can throw in a couple of rounds in the 60s; 67,66, I think I might have a good chance.

Q. Day one was frustrating, was it pretty much the same out there today?
LUKE DONALD: It was frustrating. I didn't hit the ball that great today. I struggled off the tee. I was in some strange old places on a few holes, and I actually grinded out pretty well.
Obviously disappointed to make a bogey on the last. For a while, I had a chance to get under par. I had a good chance on 14 to get under par, and that was pretty good for the way I was playing. But the good news is, I still feel that I have a chance. I'm not too far away. I'm six or seven shots, but that's obtainable on a course like this.

Q. Little things wrong with the game at the moment?
LUKE DONALD: I'm just not feeling that comfortable over the ball, especially off the tee. And this is a course where you need to hit it in the fairway. I'm not doing that enough it right now. But I played a little bit better on the back nine.
So hopefully I can feed off that a little bit and hopefully come out strong tomorrow.

Q. Seven shots back as we speak at the moment, far from insurmountable?
LUKE DONALD: It's not. It's certainly possible. You know, usually the leaders don't go too far ahead on the weekend, and if I can shoot -- post a few scores in the 60s, I might have a chance.

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