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August 14, 2003

Aaron Baddeley


Q. Talk about your round.

AARON BADDELEY: I started pretty well. I made birdie, hit it to about three feet with an 8-iron.

I drove it pretty good, especially the front side. I drove it well. A little scruffy coming in, but overall, 1-under, I'm right there. So it's a good result.

Q. At 18 you had to wait quite a while. Did that throw you off a little bit?

AARON BADDELEY: It gave me a chance to look at where I could drop it and what sort of shot I could play.

I feel great. Like I said, I feel like I played well today. I didn't hit it as great as I wanted, but I feel like I'm still hitting very nicely and I'm putting well. I can't wait for the rest of the week.

Q. What happened at 18?

AARON BADDELEY: I just hit a pulled second shot. It was up against the fence, and I took a drop. I got a ruling but I had to make sure. Last thing I want is to get a penalty for the long drop or whatever.

Q. Did you hit driver today?

AARON BADDELEY: I didn't pull driver out until 6, I think it was -- actually 5. I really didn't hit a lot of drivers. I hit a lot of 3-woods. But if driver is a play, I'll hit driver. It's the same shot.

Q. Winning the '99 Australian Open as an amateur with some big-name players, what was that like, and what did it do for your confidence?

AARON BADDELEY: It gave me a lot of confidence. I learned that if I play well, I can beat the best in the world; Norman was there and Montgomerie. That gave me a lot of confidence to know that if I beat them, I knew I could win.

Q. How did the course play today?

AARON BADDELEY: The greens, it's just hard because the course doesn't let up. You have to remain so focused the whole 18 holes, not like 16 holes. Every hole is a possible bogey opportunity.

Q. You're one of the more colorful dressers out here, is that your personality?

AARON BADDELEY: This is what I wear off the course. I like to wear brighter clothes and louder clothes. I have some good outfits for rest of the week.

Q. What's your color for tomorrow?

AARON BADDELEY: I can't tell you that. (Laughing).

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