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August 12, 2011

Ross Fisher


Q. Level par but you seem quite frustrated with the way things went out there.
ROSS FISHER: Yeah, a little bit. Felt like I played a darn site better than that the first two days. Yesterday got off to a really good start and birdied 10 and 11. Had 5-iron on 12 and hit it in the water and made a good up-and-down for five and birdied the next two. Sort of thinking, it's not as hard as maybe what it seems.
But then obviously didn't quite hang on, shot 1-over, which was disappointing, because I felt like I played good. So I knew I was playing well, so went out there today with the same mind-set, and for 14 holes, I played really, really good.
I didn't make birdie on 12, I was just short in two which was a bit scrappy, made some good saves and then dropped one on 15 which was a shame.
17, I had a good chance. And then 18, hit two lumpy shots and then to get up and see the ball finish where it was, was just, you know, what can you say? The bunker is so far -- they are a little bit inconsistent. Some have got nice, good-textured sand and some have got way too much sand. In the end, it was a good five.
Kind of level par, it's a good position. But at the same time, you know, walking off feeling a little bit disappointed.

Q. Once that frustration wears off, as you say, it's not a bad position, some tough scoring and the leaders coming back?
ROSS FISHER: Yeah, I was surprised because obviously it's very, very hot out there, so it tests everything. It tests your mental state. It tests your fitness. It's a tough test, and you know, added to the fact that it's been a long golf course with greens that some putts are running at like 14 on the Stimp.
So you put all that together, and you know, like you say, the leaders have come back, which I'm surprised at. 5-under is leading at the moment so I'm only five back with 36 to go. I'm in good position. It would have been nice to have finish 2- or 3-under and been right in there but hey, you know, you can't win it Thursday, Friday Saturday. You can certainly lose it.
So I haven't done that, and I'm in there with a good shout for 36 holes.

Q. And good feeling to be back in the mix in a major?
ROSS FISHER: I've missed it. The Masters was great this year. Disappointed to not get into the U.S. Open. So that was really disappointing to watch it on TV but obviously delighted to see one of our boys, Rory, fly home.
And then The Open, I felt like I played well, and I was 4-over par and I missed the cut by one. So you know, the majors have been slightly disappointing this year. So it would be nice to try and get really contend this year in the PGA.
I've had a couple of good goes at it. Like everyone says, it's the last major. My World Ranking slipped, so it would be a nice week to have a good one.

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