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August 12, 2011

Adam Scott


Q. The 69, is that the worst you could have shot?
ADAM SCOTT: I played very good today. I did everything I needed to do. You know, it was just disappointing to finish that way. But it's a hard hole. You can't escape that. I hit a loose shot off the tee and got myself in trouble.
Overall, though, I really happy with two 69s, and under par, and not far from the lead. It's a good spot to be heading into the weekend here.

Q. How far did you fly that punch shot and how far did it run?
ADAM SCOTT: Well, I couldn't see. I was trying to only fly it like 70 or 80 yards, so I don't know. I was -- to be honest, I was surprised it went through, but obviously I hit it too hard.

Q. The bunkers here, guys seem to be getting in more of them and having a harder time getting out of them. Can you talk about the bunkers here and the challenge?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, they are very good, actually, I think. They are challenging, because they don't have very high lips, so you can entertain hitting a shot at the green out of them.
But the sand is quite soft, and fluffy, and the ball can sift down just a little bit, which makes the shot very difficult. So you can get some peculiar flights if you don't strike it quite perfect.
And you know, I think that's a nice way to set the bunkers up because the rough isn't super long. You can also move the ball forward out of the rough. So it is kind of a bit of a penalty to get in the bunker rather than most weeks, we have it like a fairway playing out of the bunker.

Q. When you come to 18 on Sunday, would you rather have the lead or be chasing the lead?
ADAM SCOTT: I would rather have the lead for sure. There's no guarantee you're going to make 4 when you're chasing, either.

Q. Steve Stricker's 63 yesterday brilliant, but he's already to five now; could it go back even further now by the end of the tournament?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, it's going to be somewhere around that mark. It's just going to be tougher on the weekend, that's why weekends at majors are tough. You know, unless someone goes out and has the round of their life one of the next two days, you know, it's going to be right in the single digits under par maybe I think.

Q. When you look at this leaderboard, how tough is it going to be to make up some shots on the leaders going into this weekend?
ADAM SCOTT: Well, you know, I think my mind has changed on that a little bit, because both days I've had it three and 4-under for the rounds, so it's possible to score out here. It's hard work, but there are a few opportunities to score here and there but obviously there are some really tough stretches of holes, as well.
Look, with great golf, you can make up a few shots. I don't think you have to sit there and wait for people to come back. I'm pretty sure that the guys who are leading and playing well, too, they are thinking they are going to be able to make some more birdies, also. With good golf, you can make up some shots.

Q. Were you surprised the ball went into the water on 18?
ADAM SCOTT: I was, actually. I thought I hit quite a good shot. I mean, did I obviously hit it a bit harder than intended but I thought I had enough room to do so. I mean, it was a good shot. I just hit it a bit hard, that's all.

Q. Drying out in the fairways and running a little more now, too, right?
ADAM SCOTT: I guess. I mean, someone said it really skipped hard when it hit the fairway. So you know, I misjudged that, but you know, I didn't have many options from over there. I couldn't see a way to get through without hitting trees other than that.

Q. That tee is all the way back on Sunday, which I would guess that would be where they would be leaning, do you have any option other than driver? Can you hit 3-wood and be way back?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, you can. It's an easier tee shot the further the tee goes back definitely.
I mean, today, really, the best play would probably be to have hit a 3-iron or a hybrid off the tee. But then you're faced with 250 yards to the green. That's where the wide part of the fairway is back hitting it short off the tee.
So if the tee goes back, it's I think an easier tee shot.

Q. Just not an easier second shot?
ADAM SCOTT: Easier to lay it up from the fairway 250, too. Not a bad way to play the hole.

Q. Last couple of times they have played here, Jerry Pate won a U.S. Open on that hole memorable shot and Toms laying up. Seems pretty much that it's going to come down to that thing, somebody quite possibly losing it on that hole, too.
ADAM SCOTT: It's very possible. You know, even yesterday, I stood there in the middle of the fairway with a 3-iron, and didn't feel great about hitting a 3-iron at that green. There's a lot of things that can go wrong doing that. In all likelihood, if I needed 4 to win, I don't know whether I would be going for the green with a 3-iron on Sunday. I would probably lay up even if I was in the fairway, because I could lose it by hitting a 3-iron.

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