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August 12, 2011

Bob Sowards


Q. You played a hell of a 35 holes. What happened there at 18?
BOB SOWARDS: Well, I mean, they moved the tee up, which in hindsight I should have just laid up off the tee, but I felt like if I hit a driver perfect then I'd be able to play aggressive. If I didn't hit it good, it's no problem, just lay up and make bogey.
You know, I was under a tree over there, thought I hit a perfect lay-up, everybody applauded and guys up there that could see the fairway even told me "good shot," and I thought it was perfect, and I went up there and it was nowhere. So it went in the water, and then I just hit a wedge and I knew once I knocked it over it was going to be tough. But you know --

Q. Do you take anything positive from this week? You played with the best players in the world for 35 holes. You actually played well. Do you take anything positive from this week?
BOB SOWARDS: I'm sure tomorrow my answer will be different. I don't know.

Q. Happy to be here? A good week for your family to be here with you?
BOB SOWARDS: Yeah, absolutely. I'll get back and swim with my daughter and have a few beers and try to forget it.

Q. It puts everything in perspective after golf is done?
BOB SOWARDS: You're right. Just a tough day.

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