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August 12, 2011

Jeff Coston


Q. I wanted to ask you about the whole experience. Obviously you wanted to make the cut, but the whole experience, was it enjoyable for you? What did you think?
JEFF COSTON: I said yesterday, I had a great week. I want to play great golf and hit some good shots. I made some mistakes, but the week itself was great. It's really a privilege to be able to play in this golf tournament, and it's great that the PGA sets it up for 20 club pros to play in it. It's my third time playing. Fourth time I've qualified. I'm 55 years old, a grandfather, and hopefully I'll be back next year.

Q. Something your grandchildren can be proud of?
JEFF COSTON: Well, I hope they're proud of me for more than my golf, because my kids, they don't care about my golf.

Q. You talked yesterday about playing Jeff Coston golf. Did you feel you were able to do so today?
JEFF COSTON: I thought I did a better job today. I got out of my game plan on one hole. I went for a sucker flag and made a bogey and then I hit a poor drive on the next hole and made a double. Other than those two holes, I felt pretty good. But hey, golf is a game of misses and mistakes, and I made a lot of pars today. 73 today is better than 74.

Q. You're one of 20 PGA professionals out of 27,000 playing in the PGA Championship. What does that mean?
JEFF COSTON: Thank you for reminding me of that. I played the Tour, and I always wanted to win on the tour, and I didn't do that. Being a PGA professional, I have a golf academy, I've been able to influence a lot of young people and old people's lives and golf, so that's been a great thing. As I look back on my career, I still have more to do. I've had a great golf career. I played the PGA Tour. I've played in PGAs, US Opens, Senior US Opens, Senior PGAs and won a lot of golf tournaments. For the first time being 55 years old, I realize that life is bigger than golf, which is a very hard thing to think about when you've spent your whole life playing golf, and also, I've gotten a lot of accomplished, a lot of things in golf, where before I would beat myself up for not being a Phil Mick he will son or whomever. But I'm Jeff Coston and liking more and more who he is.

Q. What's next for you, Senior PGA Championship?
JEFF COSTON: Hopefully I have that Senior Club Professional Championship in October. Believe it or not, I have the Northwest Open in a little over a week, and then the Section Championship in September, so I'm looking forward to those opportunities, also.

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