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August 12, 2011

Scott Piercy


Q. Can I just get your overall thoughts on today?
SCOTT PIERCY: I played solid. I think I had one bogey today, or two bogeys. I don't know. I'm not sure. I'm so tired from last week. I'm exhausted, really. I had a hard time just walking up the last few holes, really. I'm pleased with how I did, and I'm right there. I'm T15 right now, so hopefully I can get a little rest, get refueled and make a charge on the weekend.

Q. So between yesterday's round and today's round, do you think that fatigue played into your performance yesterday?
SCOTT PIERCY: Yeah, yesterday I was exhausted, as well. I've just got nothing in the tank right now. I've really had to grind, really had to take my time on each shot and really kind of think about it, like hey, you've got to grind here, you've got to pay attention. I can't just free-flow it. I'm tired.

Q. And going into Saturday and Sunday's round, what is going to be your main focus to keep getting these under-par rounds?
SCOTT PIERCY: You know, just keep playing solid, hitting solid shots. Pars are good out here. If you can avoid the double, which fortunately so far I think I have, and make a few birdies on top of it, even par is pretty good.
I mean, unless Stricker thinks this is the John Deere Classic and shoots 100-under par, it's kind of up to him right now (laughing). The golf course can bite you, and if you play solid and you drive it well, you can get at it, too, because you've got irons. You can score with irons. The pins are maybe a little more tucked today, but you know, it's fair. The way they have it set up today is really fair. If you play well you can shoot a few under, which is tough for people. I enjoyed it today, and like I said, the biggest thing, I'm just tired.

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