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August 12, 2011

Brian Cairns


Q. 79 today?

Q. Broke 80.
BRIAN CAIRNS: Had to grind on the last hole to break 80.

Q. Well, yesterday, you tied with the best young player in the world?
BRIAN CAIRNS: I'm sure Srixon is not too happy.

Q. You almost beat the U.S. Open champ.
BRIAN CAIRNS: What did he shoot, 78? I'm telling you what, you don't hit the ball in the fairway, you're going to make bogey every hole, end of story. Either that, or you're going to be pitching it 50, 60 yards.
Missed a few, but you know what, even if you hit in the fairway bunkers, the fairway bunkers are so fluffy. No. 8, I had a great lie and my ball is two feet away, two feet away. Anthony Kim is two feet away and he is buried. He has nothing, he has to wedge it.
So I mean, you've got to be lucky to get a good lie in the bunkers.

Q. Did you --
BRIAN CAIRNS: I think I missed six today, but not bad. Not bad.

Q. Memorable week, fun week?
BRIAN CAIRNS: Great week. Great people. PGA has this really set up good, even the players compliment how it wasn't set up brutal. The tees were up, 18 was up, which I think it's just as tough, because you have to hit the fairway, but I think the players all appreciate it. Fairways aren't that bad, spongy, but it was good. Set up really, really fair.

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