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August 12, 2011

Lee Westwood


Q. Overall views on the day?
LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah, I played nicely. Played well yesterday, and wanted to go out today and get in the red as soon as possible, and hitting it in the water at the second hole didn't really help that.
But just got drawn by the flag and played too much at the pin, but then birdied the next two holes to get back to even par, and just, you know, played solidly all day really. Pleased with the way I played.

Q. You're looking very stealthy?
LEE WESTWOOD: Stealthy? You mean tired and shattered? (Smiling).

Q. Lurking. You like that?
LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah, I think obviously there's some lads gone out yesterday morning and shot some really good scores, and when you turn up to the golf course and 7-under is leading, then you're under pressure a little bit.
I thought the start of the week, 6-under was going to win the tournament. And it may still do. But yeah, I see what you mean about stealthy and lurking. I'm sort of cruising into position. 71 yesterday was by no means out of it, and then I wanted to shoot something in the 60s today, hopefully to try to get into the red and be in good position for tomorrow.

Q. How is the not caring going?
LEE WESTWOOD: It's hard. It's difficult to try your hardest and not care about the results. They contradict one another.
But I'm breezing around out there and trying to smile whenever I can and not really worry about what's going on too much. I think that's why after bogeying 2 and 3, I came back with birdies on 4 and 5. Maybe the trying too hard me would have bogeyed the next after that.

Q. Was that a good example for you, sort of validates you, that you did have that bounceback like that?
LEE WESTWOOD: I think so. And after hitting it in the water, my second hole of the day, you're trying to get off to a quick start, 10, 11, 12, 13, because they are the scoring holes on the back nine, and I'm 1-over after two, which is not the ideal start, and 2-over for the tournament.
So to fight a little bit, it helps if you're relaxed and trying to free-wheel.

Q. How much did 18 mean yesterday --
LEE WESTWOOD: That was a six-net-three, wasn't it. Got lucky hit it down the left, just tugged it, hit the wall and shot 50 yards up the fairway and had an 8-iron in from 154, hit it to four feet and made it. I turned a good break -- I made the most of my luck there.

Q. Do you think the wall was --
LEE WESTWOOD: It was a bit narrower than that. It was a great shot. Tough to hit.

Q. How much of a shock seeing the 63?
LEE WESTWOOD: Shock to see a 63? Well, I didn't think there would be a 63 on around here, but these guys are good, I guess.

Q. Didn't change anything about the way you're trying to play the course?
LEE WESTWOOD: I don't think you can change your way, if you didn't see a 63 before you went out. I suppose if you're hitting the ball well -- and I played with Steve a lot, Strick a lot, he's probably the best putter out here. When he gets on a roll, if he starts hitting fairways and greens, he can light it up like he did yesterday.

Q. Surprised Rory hit that shot on the tree root yesterday? Savvy veteran like yourself hit a shot like that, risky?
LEE WESTWOOD: A 22-year-old Lee Westwood probably would have is take ten on, yeah. A 38-year-old Lee Westwood probably wouldn't. I guess that's why people turn up to watch him, don't they.

Q. How slow was it today?
LEE WESTWOOD: Last thing I wanted to do out there was move quicker. (Laughter).

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