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August 12, 2011

Larry Nelson


LARRY NELSON: You know, the golf course is really tough. If you hit it off line it seems your mistakes are kind of magnified because of the way the golf course is. But I hit the ball really pretty good today, shot 5-over. I hit it not very good yesterday and shot 8-over. But I didn't make a birdie in two days, which I don't know that I've done that ever. I can't remember playing a professional golf tournament and not making a birdie for two days.

Q. Is there any sentimentality though about coming down that fairway?
LARRY NELSON: Yeah, I thought about it. They've kind of got a different arrangement than it was in '81 as far as the stands didn't have that huge space area there where there were no people, but they were kind of just full of friends and family in '81. There were a few friends and family out there, the ones that haven't died since then, but there were a few of them out there today.

Q. I did talk to your wife. She was saying that your boys really kind of had to nudge you to play?
LARRY NELSON: Well, it wasn't a big nudge, but both of them said, yeah, dad, you need to play. To have this opportunity to play your last major in the place where you won your first major, it just makes sense. Everything the PGA did for me this week and all the other people that wanted me to play, I decided to go ahead and do it. Actually I still play well enough I might could have shot 2 or 3-over for two days.

Q. Did you find yourself reminiscing at all about '81?
LARRY NELSON: Well, not much. I couldn't talk much to Josh about it. He was two when I won in '81, so he didn't remember much about it. And my little four-year old, I brought him out once out on the practice tee here. But most of the reminiscing, the golf course has changed a lot, the grass and the texture of the grass, so it plays so much different than it did in '81.
It's kind of hard to remember a lot of things, but the holes, you know, it's still designed the same way. It's really fun to come out and play a venue where you've won no matter how much it's changed.

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