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August 12, 2011

Rickie Fowler


Q. It was an up-and-down day all day, and you battled all day. You ended up probably making enough to get in. Can you talk about what that whole day was like?
RICKIE FOWLER: Yeah, I mean, it was kind of similar the last few days. I drove it better today, which obviously helped me score a little bit better. I wasn't in as many fairway bunkers, which definitely helped out. But yeah, got off to somewhat of a good start, made some pars and made a bogey, made some good swings. I was moving forward.
I knew the biggest thing was just to kind of get through the last few holes on the back nine there, which was my front nine today, and to give myself some opportunities on the front nine, my back nine, to make some birdies and give ourselves a look at making the cut, and it looks like we should sneak in for the weekend.

Q. Were you thinking about that last putt? There was a little more meat on the bone than you would have liked.
RICKIE FOWLER: Yeah, obviously I'm not trying to make a bogey on 8. It's a tough hole, obviously. And then on 9, yeah, I didn't make myself -- give myself an easy opportunity at 4. Hit it in the bunker off the tee, hit a good shot in there and the ball just kind of jumped out of the first cut there. I thought I hit a good putt and just jumped out weird. Yeah, you don't want a four-footer that usually that could mean making the cut or not. It could go to four. But it felt good to make it, and like I said, a lot of good things came out of today.

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