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August 12, 2011

Shaun Micheel


SHAUN MICHEEL: Today I just got off to a rough start and three-putted -- I bogeyed 10, so be it, but three-putted 11 and then, you know, just found all sorts of trouble coming in, mis-clubbed on 17, and 18 there's no place to drive it. That hole should be a par-5, if anybody is listening. There's no place to hit the ball there. I'm just going to start hitting it in the crowd and just take my chances on hurting somebody. It's a terrible hole.
You know, so I shoot 41, and there were a couple bad shots in there really but then there were a couple mistakes that I made. It shouldn't have been a 41. But just didn't have the speed on the greens very well, and I left myself a lot of seven, eight-footers which I've been making most of -- obviously I made them all yesterday, and then today I just didn't make any.
You know, the last hole, I figured the cut was going to be 4-over and I wasn't about to just try to ram it in. It was just frustrating because I didn't hit the ball well, and I didn't deserve to score well. I think I played better than 78, but it's a very difficult golf course, and when you get going the wrong way, it's hard to right the ship.

Q. You had a tough time on the last four holes on the back nine and then you came back and had an eagle on the front nine. Can you tell us about that?
SHAUN MICHEEL: Yeah, I made a really long putt on, I guess that's No. 5. You know, obviously those aren't expected, but it felt great. And then just followed up the next hole, hit it right down the middle of the fairway and hit a sand wedge and should have hit a gap wedge. I just think when you get off and you're going the wrong direction, it was such a different day from yesterday, just your mind just kind of -- you can't really comprehend what you're doing. It's tough. It's tough to really get it back. But I felt really good about making that three.
And then I came back and made a long putt on the par-3.
It was just a frustrating day. I'm more mad, really, at the mistakes that I made. I didn't play a great round of golf, but I made enough mistakes that I cost myself basically four shots today, and those are difficult to swallow. I can handle bad shots, but just the mental mistakes, I mean, those just kill you. You know, again, the eagle, hopefully that keeps me around for the weekend. If I get to play, I guess I'll look at it like I shot 72-72 instead of 66-78. I'll have to just change my mindset and figure it out tomorrow because if you can hit the ball in the fairway you can score, and I didn't deserve that and I didn't deserve to have a good round.

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