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August 12, 2011

Anders Hansen


ANDERS HANSEN: I thought I played solid today. I think I hit 16 greens today and I putted decently. The course is set up very, very tough today. They stuck the pins out in the corners and made it tough for us today, so it's difficult to hit it really, really close.
But the course is playing really nice and in such good conditions. The greens are great. The fairways are awesome.

Q. Do you envision anybody going as low as Stricker did yesterday?
ANDERS HANSEN: If someone shoots 7-under today, I think that's amazing.

Q. How about yourself going into the weekend, how do you feel?
ANDERS HANSEN: You know, I'm 3-under, I don't know, obviously, how it's going to look at the end of the day, but doesn't look it's going to be so far away. But in good position and just take it from there.

Q. How did you end up in college in Houston? Is that a long story or short story?
ANDERS HANSEN: Another Danish guy went there before me, that's the short story and he got me in.

Q. It's hot there, too.
ANDERS HANSEN: Yeah, it's very, very hot there.

Q. (What made the pins so difficult today)?
ANDERS HANSEN: The pin placements are very, very tough. If you go out and look at the first five holes, look at those pins, it sort of gives you an idea of what the pins are. They are really, really tucked, and obviously there was a couple they couldn't tuck because they don't have any pins left for Sunday.
They put a few tees up to make it a bit more playable, so that's good.

Q. What score do you see out there --
ANDERS HANSEN: 65 would be an awesome score today.

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