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August 12, 2011

Scott Erdmann


Q. Not exactly what you were looking for this week, but what can you take from this week positive?
SCOTT ERDMANN: You don't want to come to a major championship not being kind of spot-on. You know, the funny thing is that I putted really well and I drove it okay. But ball-striking, I had no clue where the ball was going. I didn't know if it was going left or right. Nerves obviously compounded the issue. It's different because you're used to hitting 9-irons and pitching wedges and 8-irons and 7-irons into greens, and when you just hit your hybrid 3-wood on the par-5, here you've got hybrids and long irons into everything, so I suppose that's the one thing I really need to work on, not for everyday golf but certainly for coming out and playing in tournaments like this.
It's just experience.

Q. Positive week for you?
SCOTT ERDMANN: Overall, I think I'll reflect probably and say that, yes. Right now, no. I mean, how could it not be, right? First major championship, and it certainly didn't go the way I wanted, but you learn from each experience and go from there and you move on. I'm really disappointed.

Q. 17 and 18 you struggled both days. Are those two of the hardest holes you've ever played in your life?
SCOTT ERDMANN: You know, 17 today really wasn't tough. I didn't think -- I had a good number, a good club. It's just only my swing right now, just kind of lost.

Q. 18 is a bear, though?
SCOTT ERDMANN: 18 is a bear. The thing is it just tempts you so much because you're there where you can knock it on, so that's not an issue, but boy, is it hard to hit that fairway, and I just haven't done that yet. I was in the right rough today and had a real hanging lie, but it was kind of one of those things, what am I going to do, lay up? I'm 13, 14, 15 over par at the time.

Q. What the heck, I'll go for it?
SCOTT ERDMANN: Yeah, exactly, now.

Q. How many times are you going to play the Atlanta Athletic Club in the PGA Championship, you've got to go --
SCOTT ERDMANN: It was just kind of one of those things where you just go for it and see what happens. Yeah, no sense in laying up under the circumstances. It would have been different if I was in a different position.

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