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August 11, 2011

Galina Voskoboeva


G. VOSKOBOEVA/M. Sharapova
6-3, 7-5

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Just wanted to get your reaction to making the quarterfinals, beating Sharapova today.
GALINA VOSKOBOEVA: Well, of course I'm very happy with that, and it just -- I mean, I'm happy, but it's not like, you know, something that's a miracle because I was working really hard, so that's I think the result.

Q. I guess this is proof that anything can happen. That's why you play the games. As a qualifier, you're not really, on paper, supposed to be able to beat the No. 5 seed.
GALINA VOSKOBOEVA: Yes, of course, especially in tennis, you never know how -- Russians usually used to say, you know, the ball is round, so everything can happen.
But, yes, my ranking is low, but it's because of some reason. Especially in this match against Maria, I remember our last match which was also, you know, tough. It was three sets. So I knew what I have to do exactly, you know. So just helped me that I played against her before.

Q. From that last match, what did you gain that you really thought you would be able to take advantage of from her game heading into this one?
GALINA VOSKOBOEVA: You mean from last time when we played?

Q. Yeah, the previous match.
GALINA VOSKOBOEVA: Um, probably this time I was feeling myself more confident, because I played good matches. I had good wins before, days before.
Of course I had nothing to lose. Maria is a great player, a great fighter. So what changed, maybe just my confidence was higher this time.

Q. Late in that second set, how were you able to, when you were frustrated, how were you able to maintain your composure and finish off the match?
GALINA VOSKOBOEVA: You know, actually in the middle of the second set I was sitting like on changeover thinking, my God, in every game I had the break point I think. So I was thinking, okay, it could be 5-Love or 4-Love already, and every game it was so tight, you know. It's like it was deuce, advantage, deuce, advantage.
So I just knew that I have to be focused and to continue playing. Everything could happen.

Q. Did you have a sense, coming into this week, that you were going to play like this?
GALINA VOSKOBOEVA: I don't think -- when I'm coming to the tournament, I don't think what's gonna happen. I think that nobody think, will she play good or no? Especially me. I just go and play. It's difficult to say, for example, I will pass quallies and I will win so many matches.
No, you don't think so. You just -- you just go and you play. You fight, because every match was close. Everything could change in every minute. So, no, you never know what's gonna happen.

Q. Can you talk about working with Alina this week, what you guys have been doing and what's been helping?
GALINA VOSKOBOEVA: Yes, it's very good. That's why I working with Alina, because it's helping me a lot, especially that she played recently and she can feel the match, the pressure. She can give good advices.
It's always great that after the match we can go and work on the court and to do things which were probably not that good.
So I'm pretty happy that we are working together, and I'm also happy that we are doing good together, because it doesn't happen very often, like that you can find the person with who you feel confident, comfortable, and you can understand each other.

Q. During your run, has there been any part of your game that you've surprised yourself in how good you've been?
GALINA VOSKOBOEVA: I knew that I can have really good shots, but of course some of them were better than always, for example, some lobs. When you make a lob and you put it right on the line, probably yes. It's not like a big surprise like that you never did, but it's probably some luck which you have this day. And it's great, because some days you have it; some days you don't have it.
Today, yes, I was lucky on some points, but she also was on other. I think we had many good rallies, but it was not like I never had them before.

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