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August 11, 2011

Jie Zheng


4-6, 6-3, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Early on in that match when Serena came out and she had three aces in that first set, what was going on in your mind? What were you thinking?
JIE ZHENG: After first set or...

Q. Just at the game 1, set 1, when she came out and had three aces at that time, what was going through your head?
JIE ZHENG: Yeah, first game she's tough serve, but I know she have big serve. But I think today I do well for the return game.
I have -- I think I find the key for the second serve, have many winner from return. But I think it's bad luck for me in the final set. I thinking too much for return and baseline. I don't focus for my serve game, yeah.

Q. I noticed you seemed to get really aggressive on returning those second serves. Was there something you were seeing that you were just able to get after those and get off that baseline quicker?
JIE ZHENG: Yeah, because I know she have the big serve, I want try something. So I put a lot for the play more aggressive for return the second serve. So I think this is good try, and I win many point from the return for the second serve, yeah.

Q. Were you tired or just -- because you kept coming back and picking up...
JIE ZHENG: I not tired. I'm stronger. (Laughter.)
Just because the match is too long, so the final set I'm not too much focus for my serve game. So I have 40-15, so I losed. So I think this is why I lost today.

Q. You managed to hit lots of sharp angles, and you moved your opponent on the court quite a bit. Is this specific to your training?
JIE ZHENG: Yeah. I have against Serena many time. So I know her, if you give her time for hit, she can hit so hard. So I try to move her a lot and try to play more aggressive, push a lot.
So I think I do good for today but just get few point, yeah.

Q. You're also very quick on the court. How much work do you do for physical training, your game?
JIE ZHENG: Yeah, I do a lot of the fitness. Because I'm not strong, I'm so short, so I must be faster.
So, yeah, my fitness coach push me a lot.

Q. You said that you've played Serena a lot of times in the past. How would you compare tonight to the past and her level of play?
JIE ZHENG: I think every time better and better, yeah. Yeah, before I always lost at two sets, so this few times I can win the one set. Maybe next time I'm looking for...

Q. Is she as strong as she's been in the past?
JIE ZHENG: Yeah, she is stronger. I think she's best player in the world.
Because she just injured, the ranking is down, but I think she is still in the top 3, yeah, if she come back, yeah.

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