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August 11, 2011

Na Li


6-2, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. What has Stosur done that you found particularly challenging in the times that you've played her?
NA LI: I mean, if you watch the match, everyone can see she has a huge, big serve, not normal like girl serve. Bounce even higher.
I mean, it's tough for me to return. And also, today was so, so windy. I mean, I couldn't use my serve a lot in the first serves.
Yeah, but -- yeah, she's play well.

Q. Did the fact that this was your first match of the week play a factor, do you think?
NA LI: I mean, yeah, always tough after break and come back for the first match, because I have six or seven weeks didn't play tournament.
So, yeah, beginning of the match I was like -- I even didn't know what I should do on the court, not like during the clay court season. I know exactly if I hit the ball next here, I come back, what I should do. But I was feeling I'm like juniors on the court. (Smiling.)
Hopefully getting better, and I will, yeah, start training harder tomorrow to try to be ready in Cincinnati.

Q. Curious how you're dealing with the amount of attention you've been getting since the French Open, how you've been handling it and if you've noticed it much on just playing smaller tournaments on the tour.
NA LI: French Open is over. Yeah, now is getting US Open already. So, I mean, yeah, of course it was good experience, exciting moment for me, but right now I should focus on the hard court season.
Yeah, I couldn't think about clay court anymore, so, you know -- yeah, always tough, I mean, back to first match.

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