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August 11, 2011

Steve Schneiter


Q. Certainly nothing new for you to be in the PGA Championship, but how did you feel to get back to it and overall just your observations about your round today?
STEVE SCHNEITER: Well, it's good to be able to play in the PGA. I've played a few of them before, but it's always fun to be here and play.
My round today, it was pretty consistent, played all right, played good, hit some good shots. All in all, I'm satisfied, I guess.

Q. You're a player who is consistent; you try to hit it straight and you are in the fairway most of the time.

Q. This is a premium out here; you've got to be in the fairway?
STEVE SCHNEITER: Yeah, you've got to be in the fairway here or you get -- it's a penalty. That rough, the ball just goes right down to the bottom of it, and it's hard to even know what it's going to do when you hit out of it. If you have a shorter iron, you can play out of it.

Q. Did you handle the tough stretch fairly well today, 15 to 18?
STEVE SCHNEITER: 15 to 18 I was 1-over. Yeah, 1-over.

Q. That's not bad out here, is it?
STEVE SCHNEITER: Yeah, I made a great up-and-down on 15, and 16 I managed to get up-and-down for bogey, and then I parred 17 and 18. I had a chance for birdie on 17 and 18 but didn't get the putt in.

Q. Was your preparation pretty good for this championship?
STEVE SCHNEITER: Oh, yeah, I got here last Thursday, didn't come out to the course until Friday, and we played nine holes every day. I felt well prepared, well ready to play.

Q. You know that obviously the goal is always to try to make the cut?

Q. And you're in position.
STEVE SCHNEITER: Yeah, I come here to definitely make the cut and to play well. I think I can compete. You know, it's not like playing on Tour every week. These guys have an advantage, obviously.

Q. And you were playing with today --
STEVE SCHNEITER: Sean O'Hair and Cameron -- I can't pronounce his last name, but it was a good pairing.

Q. That's a good twosome, isn't it?
STEVE SCHNEITER: Yeah, it's a good pairing.

Q. Well, tomorrow you just give another try and keep at it.
STEVE SCHNEITER: That's right.

Q. You're a man that's always grinding.
STEVE SCHNEITER: Yeah, I expect good things out of myself.

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