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August 11, 2011

Robert McClellan


Q. Summarize the way you got around this course today?
ROB McCLELLAN: I started out, got off to a good start. Had a good chance for birdie on the first hole and almost made a long putt on 11 for birdie. It lipped-out and made a good par putt, and then knocked it on 12, 2-putted for birdie and was off to a good start.
Struggled on 13. Had a great recovery and made a great par putt. And so from there, I was pretty pleased being 1-under. Wasn't as nervous as I was last year, because I've obviously been here before. And just try to enjoy the day, and I hit a right tee shot on 14 in the bunker and hit a good recovery and hit a bad putt and hit a 15-footer to save not 3-putting.
I was standing on 151-under and probably hit the best shot of the day, a 4-iron, I think it was 257 or something, and it never left the flag. Chipped it up to about six feet and missed it. I was pretty pumped up, I hit a good shot. Made a good putt and just made bogey.
I struggled come in. I bogeyed every hole. I bogeyed 16, 17 and 18. And made the turn 3-over, and you know, thought I could play well on the front and never really got anything going on the front. Hit one in the water on 4 and made double.

Q. Other than hitting the fairways which is critical around here is there a stretch of holes that you have to handle well?
ROB McCLELLAN: Definitely 15, 16, 17, 18. I was watching some of the guys playing today and it seemed like 10 through 14, they were all under par, and not -- other than the guys leading, not too many of them kept under par those last four holes. Those are four of the toughest finishing holes I've ever played, and true test. The course is great. Obviously scores can be shot. Stricker shot 7-under.
It was fun. Just struggled. Couldn't hit anything off the tee in play, and it's hard to play from the trees.

Q. Well, your brother caddied for you at Whistling Straits last year, and you guys work well as a team together obviously?
ROB McCLELLAN: It's fun. He even said, hey, you can get somebody that knows the greens and caddie. I said, this is just an experience. We wanted to come and just have fun and I would rather enjoy it with somebody I'm close with as opposed to somebody I don't even know. Wouldn't rather have anybody else on the bag and it's been fun having him. I'm just glad he can get off a week and come.

Q. Tomorrow, what's your game plan tomorrow?
ROB McCLELLAN: Make a lot of birdies. Just have fun. Obviously just, you know, it's just incredible being here and playing with the guys and having fun. And we'll see what happens. You never know what's going to happen but hopefully make some birdies.

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