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August 11, 2011

Simon Dyson


Q. 2-under, pretty decent.
SIMON DYSON: Yeah, I played nice again, did really good again. Even the holes where I missed the fairway, I only just missed them, and I did it on the par-5, as well, so it's not disastrous. You're still going to have birdie chances. Yeah, iron play was good and holed out well. Apart from one small putt I missed, which was a three-putt on 4, apart from that it was pretty good.

Q. This is a course you need to have all parts of your game --
SIMON DYSON: It really is. The ball just doesn't come out of the rough like you think it would. You think you've got a good lie. Trevor had one on 6, and it sat lovely. It just came out dead and went in the wall and double bogey. You seen a lot of that today. But if you're driving it good, there's a few chances out there.

Q. A lot of guys have said if you drive it in the fairway the greens are accessible.
SIMON DYSON: Yeah, fair comment. That's a tough a finish as I've seen in golf. I was 1-under for the last four, which -- there's a fair few guys that would take that. I think par is probably 11/2-over for the last four. I was pleased with that.

Q. There are parts of the course you can score. Are you thinking of a target at all?
SIMON DYSON: Not really, not really. I think on this course you've probably got the first four and the last four. 2, 3 and 4 are strong holes. If you get past them, all of a sudden you can start to get a score going, and then you come to the last four, and then it's hang on, and if you only drop one shot I think you'll be okay. The 18th, it's a tough a hole as you'll play.

Q. Do you feel your game coming around?
SIMON DYSON: Definitely, definitely. Everything that I was -- everything I've been working on from The Open pretty much, I'm just doing more and more of it, and I've still got the same feelings that I had at The Open and I had in Ireland and I had for the last three rounds last week, even the first round. I struck the ball really good. I probably struck it too good. I kept going long.
You know, if I can just keep doing that for the next three days, who knows.

Q. Do you feel part of the general excitement around ISM?
SIMON DYSON: I do, yeah, I really do.

Q. Rory was speaking about it the other day, there's a general feeling of everybody really getting on --
SIMON DYSON: It's brilliant.

Q. How does it manifest itself?
SIMON DYSON: Like you said, everyone gets on well. You've got Westy and you can go out with Rory and speak to Darren and you've got Schwartzel, perhaps you're on the range next to him chatting away, and yeah, there's a definite buzz going on.

Q. It's a little bit warmer than Yorkshire.
SIMON DYSON: Yes, warm. I drunk plenty, and I coped all right with it. You've just got to do that. There was times when it was overcast like this and it was not too bad and there was times when there was a bit of breeze and it was not too bad, but there was times when there was no breeze, and that's when you know -- but apart from that, it was all right. I've played in hotter, but I've played in colder. Asia and then when it was at Southern Hills in '06, pretty hot.

Q. It's one of these things that you have to try and almost forget --
SIMON DYSON: You do. I never thought about it once today, which is good. The minute you start thinking about it is probably when you're too late and you're dehydrated.

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