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August 11, 2011

Larry Nelson


LARRY NELSON: Actually it played pretty tough I thought with the wind. But got to hit fairways. I actually played pretty good but didn't drive the ball well. I don't know how I hit my irons, because I never had a chance really, hitting out of the rough.
I enjoyed the golf course. Enjoyed playing again. It was nice to finish here.

Q. You played and won here 30 years ago. Compare the course back then to how it plays now?
LARRY NELSON: Well, with new equipment, 2001, they added a little yardage but it was pretty much the same golf course that it was in '81, but with a difference in the equipment, it's played pretty much the same. This time they added another 500 it seems like, and the equipment didn't make much difference for me.
But the golf course is I think a lot tighter, the greens are much better, much firmer, and it takes better shots to get it close to the holes, and I think that's the reason why you're going to see the score being higher. Can't be out of position and make pars, or keep making pars. Eventually that's going to hurt you.

Q. What were the last couple of days like for you?
LARRY NELSON: Certainly didn't want to take advantage of my exemption, but to be able to play here at home on the golf course that I won 30 years ago, I didn't want to miss that opportunity. There were a lot of people that wanted to see me play, and after last night, last night was kind of an emotional evening, and today, the way I played was kind of emotional, too, but it was kind of in the opposite direction.
So it's been a great week, and I'm just really happy about and honored about last night. Today was okay but my goal is to Shoot under par on this golf course, so I've got one more shot.

Q. Can you talk about how you're feeling compared to the other day?
LARRY NELSON: Actually I went and warmed up this morning and I actually felt really pretty good. But apparently your body, when you're out there hitting an 80-yard wide fairway -- I don't know exactly what, it's never bothered me before, but I think I was just a little bit weaker than I actually thought I was. But I'm not -- you know, there's no excuses. Usually figure something out even if I'm fairly weak. Today I couldn't figure anything out.
Drew, caddying for me, my older son, couldn't figure it out either. He said, "Looks good, dad, just can't figure out why it's going right and left."
Tomorrow, I have my younger son caddying for me tomorrow. And so we'll see what happens tomorrow.

Q. Feeling all right?
LARRY NELSON: I feel great. I feel fine. Just tired. Thank goodness it wasn't as hot. It didn't feel as hot as what we thought it was going to be today. I keep telling people, Atlanta doesn't have the humidity that some of these other places have. Today was a good day.

Q. Playing in your final regular major, does this get you to reflect and think back on the journey you've been on?
LARRY NELSON: I think since '81, all of the things that happened to me since '81, looking back, it's been a great ride and I kind of got to see it in pictures last night. It just kind of hard to believe. Things pass so quick; I mean, you were just a young boy the first time I met you.
You know, things pass by. You see things and see yourself in different places. You actually can look back and enjoy. I look at everything, when I wake up in the morning, I look at everything through real eyes and kind of see things for what they are.
I wanted to come out and play this week. I really feel like I played two practice rounds and felt like if I could hit the ball could, I could shoot even par today, maybe under par. Today, it just didn't happen.

Q. What's a 63 like on this golf course?
LARRY NELSON: 63 is great. To see somebody on the golf course the same day shot somebody's age -- he shot my age today. Somebody shot my age. (Laughter).

Q. You can shoot your age tomorrow.
LARRY NELSON: Yeah, I keep telling Gary Player, every time he comes, I say, I'm going to try to shoot your age today. He's a phenomena, is what he is.

Q. Can you touch on your strong play in the Senior Open?
LARRY NELSON: I actually played halfway decent there. Played good the first two days, and last two days, I didn't play too good. But you know, sometimes it's good and sometimes it's bad.

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