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August 11, 2011

Mike Small


MIKE SMALL: I hit some balls in the water today, I made doubles on those holes. If you take those away -- and I didn't really hit it close all day, either. I've got to play better tomorrow.

Q. A lot of people are having trouble, you went in the water on what holes?
MIKE SMALL: 11 and 15. I hit a 2-iron, hybrid. I've done it every day on that hole this week. I've got to get something in the land tomorrow. I'm hitting it way out left tomorrow.

Q. Stricker told us that you said it was a dog-leg par 3?
MIKE SMALL: Yeah, a dog-leg par 3 and I'm not following my own advice. He had an awesome day, didn't he? Shoot, two days, the groups I played with this week are all one, two, three on the leaderboard, Stricker, Kelly and Verplank.
I had a chance to make birdies coming in and didn't make them. I'm not hitting it close enough. I've got to get it closer so I'm heading to the range now.

Q. So you feel good about going out and trying again?
MIKE SMALL: Yeah, I need to play better. I need to hit it better. I'm going to go work on the range and come out tomorrow, play with less apprehension and just go with that and whatever happens, happens. Some of those holes, I can't get a good visualization or something, I'm fighting, so I need to get a better feeling tomorrow.

Q. And Stricker, can you say enough about a 63 on this golf course?
MIKE SMALL: It's awesome. I mean, we had a good two days yesterday. He didn't play that great and he said is he was working his way into it; he's one of the best players in the world.

Q. Wondering how does this compare to your other PGA Championship experiences so far, how the course has played?
MIKE SMALL: Totally different than last year. This is my seventh one. They have all been real different.
This is more traditional, but it's not, you know what I mean. It's a traditional course, older country club, but there are some new age holes out there. There are some tough holes. Water everywhere. I birdied 18, which kind of calmed me down. I was struggling going into 18. That was a good birdie for me.
Good experience, this is one of the best tournaments in the world. I'm proud with my association with this tournament.

Q. As far as the bunkers, any problems with the bunkers plugging?
MIKE SMALL: I've plugged drivers this week and irons. Last hole I plugged one in there, and they are tough.
I'm wearing a lot of sand because I hit in some bunkers and it's blowing in my face and it's powdery. A lot of plugged drivers this week.

Q. Any thoughts on tomorrow?
MIKE SMALL: I need to come out and play a good round tomorrow. I don't even know where it stacks. I want to break par on this golf course.

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